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Pricing simplification

How has CMC Markets Invest simplified pricing?

CMC Markets Invest has simplified its Aussie brokerage rate, adding more value and making it easier for you to make your next investment.

The simplified pricing will introduce our new $0 brokerage on buy orders for Aussie shares up to $1,000. $0 brokerage is applied to your first buy order up to $1,000 processed per trading day.

What does this mean for existing CMC Markets Invest clients?

Your brokerage rate will now be consistent for all trades, rather than vary each month based on monthly trade volumes. Your new brokerage rates are listed below:

Brokerage (incl. GST) *




First buy order processed on any trading day, up to the value of $1,000 per stock



Second and each subsequent buy order processed on any trading day, up to the value of $1,000 per stock


Buy orders exceeding $1,000 per stock

$11 or 0.10%

$9.90 or 0.075%

All sell orders

$11 or 0.10%

$9.90 or 0.075%

*Brokerage is the greater of the dollar value or the percentage amount shown

We’re also removing the Frequent Trader Program. However, you’ll keep the non brokerage benefits you’ve enjoyed on the program when the new brokerage applies on 16 February, 2022.

Will I lose my benefits with the new brokerage rate?

We’re working hard to ensure that you get access to the best features and benefits on the CMC Markets Invest platform. You will have access to free live ASX data, theScreener stock level analysis and Free Tax and Portfolio reporting with Sharesight (up to 10 holdings) when the new rates come into effect on 16 February, 2022.

What’s the minimum amount I can start trading with?

Start trading with a minimum of $500 per stock. You can make additional investments of less than $500 after your first trade.

Is there a dormancy fee?

No, we don’t charge dormancy fees.

Does the new brokerage rate apply to orders placed via telephone ?

No, the new brokerage rate only applies to orders placed online via the CMC Markets Invest Standard and Pro platforms and mobile app. There is no change to brokerage rates for orders placed via telephone.

What happens if I place two orders under $1,000 on the same stock on the same trading day?

$0 brokerage will be applied to the first buy order processed. Your second order, and any additional buy orders that same trading day, will be charged $11 brokerage.

Don’t forget: If you place a buy order after market close, it won’t be processed by CMC Markets until the next trading day when markets open. This means your after-market order will become your first buy order for the day and will have $0 brokerage applied.

Always check your trade confirmations and contact us if you have any queries.  

What happens if I place two buy orders of less than $1,000 value on the same day, on the same stock and I cancel my first order?

$0 brokerage will be applied to the first buy order you place that meets the criteria.

Note: $0 brokerage will not automatically apply to your second buy order made that day if the first order is open at the time the second buy order is placed.

Do these new rates apply for International shares?

No, the new brokerage rates apply to ASX & Chi-X listed shares only. We offer $0 brokerage on US, UK, Canadian and Japanese stocks. Please find more information on International share trading and our costs here.

Where can I find more information?

You can find out more information in our FSG which is available here.

Do the new rates apply to ASX Exchange Traded Options?

No, the new rates only apply to ASX & Chi-X listed securities.

If I have a an existing open order, but my order executes on or after the day the new brokerage rates are introduced, will I be eligible for $0 brokerage?

No, because your order was processed to market before the new brokerage rates, you will have the standard rate of brokerage charged to that order.

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