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Earnings Season

Each earning season, our team of Market Analysts will focus on some of the top Global companies to help you stay informed. You can trade over 10,000 shares on either our CFD or Invest platforms.

What is earnings season?

Earnings season is when publicly-traded companies release their financial results for a particular quarter or year. This is typically done on a quarterly basis in the US, with most companies releasing their earnings reports a few weeks after the end of each quarter.

Earning season information is closely watched by investors, analysts, and the media, as it can provide insight into a company's financial health, future prospects, and overall performance. During earnings season, companies provide information such as revenue, earnings, and other key financial metrics.

Earnings season is particularly important for investors, as the release of earnings reports can have a significant impact on a company's stock price. Positive earnings results could cause a stock to rise, while negative results could cause it to fall. As a result, many investors use earnings reports as a key tool in making investment decisions.

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