The Artful Trader Podcast Series

Mastering the art of the markets – insights from the trading experts. Listen and subscribe to our new podcast series, download our speaker insights and take advantage of our limited time only special offers.

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The Artful Trader podcast series

​Mastering the art of the markets – insights from the trading experts

​Successful traders strive to make measured, strategic decisions – but what really goes on in the minds of the experts behind the trade?

In this unique series, we talk to the traders who’ve been through it all, and delve into their thought process when facing big wins, losses and everything in between. Join us as we unlock the secrets behind the industry’s experts, and discover their journey to mastering the art of the financial markets.

Episode 1: Around the World in 80 trades with Raoul Pal

Ever wondered what it’s like to view the world in the palm of your hand? In the first episode of the Artful Trader we go around the world in 80 trades with one of the world’s top Macro investors Raoul Pal. He joins our Chief Market Strategist Michael McCarthy to talk about his journey from technical analysis to managing hedge funds to launching ‘Real Vision TV’. In this interview Raoul Pal reveals what he learnt from the world’s top traders and where he thinks the next ‘pearls’ of opportunity lie.

Episode 2: Lose, Lose, Lose... Win! The 7 year itch with Ray Barros

In his over thirty years of trading, Ray Barros has seen many traders - both beginners and experts - mistake luck for skill. He was one of them. But Ray Barros managed to turn seven years of losses into remarkable wins. Now he is giving back - teaching newer traders the skills he learnt the hard way. Former hedge fund manager Ray Barros joins our Chief Market Strategist Michael McCarthy and generously shares his biggest piece of advice.


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