General Product

Can I trade my margin loan with you?

You can use a margin loan from any margin lending provider. If your margin loan is with Leveraged, St.George or Suncorp, you can even take advantage of Australia’s lowest online brokerage using any of our platforms. For more information visit our margin lending page.

What is your brokerage?

Online brokerage starts from $11 or 0.10%, whichever is the greater. Telephone orders start from $59.95 for shares trade value up to $20,000. Visit our brokerage rates page for more information.

What type of products can I trade?

Investors can trade multiple types of products with CMC Markets on both domestic and international markets;

- Equities

- Indices

- ETFs & ETPs

- mFunds (domestic only)

- TraCRs (domestic only)

- Warrants (domestic only)

- Options (domestic only)

- Interest Rate Securities (domestic only)