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Trade Australian shares with CMC Markets Stockbroking and see why we're more than Australia's Best Value Online Broker. Choose from a wide range of investment products available on ASX and SSX including shares, mFunds, warrants, ETFs and more.

Want to better understand share trading? Learn more with our introduction to share trading.

CMC Markets

Award-winning platforms

CMC Markets

Best value in Australia with our Frequent Trader Program

CMC Markets

Unlimited free conditional orders

CMC Markets

Risk management tools

CMC Markets

Advanced news and analysis

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Tax and portfolio reporting

Trade with Australia's Online Broker of the Year - 11 years in a row

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What is share trading?

Share trading allows you to obtain legal ownership in a specific company. Once you have shares in a company you own the underlying asset and can access company dividends and be able to vote in company meetings.

Once you buy or sell shares, you enter a contract to exchange the legal ownership of the shares for money. This exchange is called settlement and generally occurs two business days after the trade.

You can purchase shares using individually-held electronic funds or leverage your share trading using a margin loan from a margin loan provider.

Go global with $0 brokerage
on US, UK, Canadian and Japanese shares

Competitive pricing when you trade with us

Our Frequent Trader Program ensures that you pay less in brokerage the more you trade. See how you can save when you switch to CMC Markets Stockbroking.

Access leading value

We understand that different traders have different needs. We’ve designed a Frequent Trader Program that provides the lowest brokerage and advanced features for high volume traders, while also offering fully featured platforms with the best support and brokerage rate in the market - to all our clients.

Classic tier

Trade on our feature rich standard platform with access to free live data, theScreener stock level analysis and free tax and portfolio reporting with SharesightTM (up to 10 holdings). With one of the lowest brokerages in market, pay $11 or 0.10% per trade.

Active Investor tier

You’ll have access to all Classic tier features plus brokerage from $9.90/0.10%, access to our Pro stockbroking platform, free live data, Trading Central technical analysis daily emails, theScreener research reports and much more.

Premium Trader tier

With the best frequent trader rate in the market, $9.90 or 0.075%, you’ll have access to all tier benefits plus free Dynamic data, tax and portfolio reporting with Sharesight Investor Level package (worth $300)^ and exclusive access to premium client and education events.

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Best feature-packed Non-Bank Online Broker

Best of the Best 2021

Best feature-packed Non-Bank Online Broker

Best of the Best 2020

Broker of the Year

Outstanding value

Trader investor

Outstanding value

Casual investor

Outstanding value

Active investor

Awards that stand for savings and service

CMC Markets Stockbroking is officially Australia’s best value^ with the lowest brokerage alongside powerful trading tools, great service and a rewarding frequent trader program.

CMC Markets
  • CANSTAR Online Share Trading Broker of the Year Australia - Eleven years in a row, 2011 - 2021^
  • CANSTAR Online Share Trading Outstanding Value Australia - Eleven years in a row, 2011 - 2021^
  • Money magazine Best of the Best, Best Feature-Packed Non-Bank Online Broker 2020, 2021
  • Money magazine Best of the Best Cheapest Online Broker 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • CMC Markets was awarded the 2016 ABA100 Winner for Business Innovation in The Australian Business Awards
  • Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Award for Cheapest Online Broker 2011, 2012 and 2013

^Awarded Canstar Outstanding Value - Online Share Trading 2011-2021, and Broker of the Year - Online Share Trading 2011-2021

Market-leading platforms

Our standard and Pro platforms combine innovative trading tools and charting with intuitive mobile solutions, so you can trade when and how it suits you.

CMC Markets

"CMC Markets received the highest client satisfaction ratings for the ease of navigation, charting and low brokerage - Investment Trends 2017 First Half Online Broking industry report”

- Irene Guiamatsia, Research Director, Investment Trends

What’s the difference between our standard and pro platforms?

Stockbroking investment products

Once you have a CMC Markets Stockbroking account you can trade a variety of investment products.

Stockbroking investment products  
Buy part ownership of a listed company on the ASX.
International shares You can further diversify your portfolio and access fifteen international markets all online with one account.
Options Flexible tools that appeal to active investors. Used wisely, options have the power to protect, grow or even diversify your position.
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) A simple way to buy a diversified portfolio of investments, offering all the benefits of index funds and the flexibility to buy and sell on the ASX..
Interest rate securities and bonds Investing in bonds and interest rate securities allows you to diversify your portfolio and lend money to the issuer. This loan is paid on a fixed or floating rate of return.
Warrants An alternative way to gain exposure to some of Australia's leading companies and a variety of other underlying assets.
Listed Investment Companies (LICs) Similar to managed funds and ETFs, LICs invest in a diverse and professionally managed portfolio of Australian and international assets.
mFunds A cost effective way to invest in unlisted managed funds through the mFund Settlement Service brought to you by the ASX, via our online platforms.
Managed funds Get your entry fees rebated with some of Australia’s leading fund managers, offering funds covering all asset classes.
IPOs and placements You can gain direct entry to the primary market with access to both traditional and ASX Bookbuild IPOs and placements with CMC Markets Stockbroking's platforms.
CMC Markets

Unlimited free conditional orders

Take greater control of your share trading with unlimited conditional orders, such as trailing stop loss and take profit, at no extra cost. Simply select the level that will trigger the purchase or sale of shares online whenever you like (our usual low online brokerage applies).

More on conditional orders
CMC Markets

Funding options

There are two ways you can choose to fund your trades. Firstly you can open a Macquarie Cash Management Account, which is opened by us on your behalf. Or alternatively you can gear your share trading with a linked margin loan from Leveraged or St. George.

More on funding

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  • Award-winning proprietary trading platforms with mobile apps to help you trade on the move
  • Powerful trading tools and advanced charting packages
  • Robust risk management functions including free unlimited conditional orders
  • A Frequent Trader Program to cater to your trading needs
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Seamless integration with industry leaders

We work with industry leaders to bring you a completely integrated stockbroking experience.

CMC Markets

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