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Investment Portfolios

Invest with easy-to-follow portfolio subscriptions based on proven strategies. All the hard work is done. Choose from five portfolios covering Aussie and US markets and buy and sell shares based on market conditions and expert guidance.

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Uncomplicate investing with an ASX Growth Portfolio, US Growth Portfolio or ASX Blue Chip Portfolio and pay nothing for three months.*

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*Free 3-month trial only available with select portfolios. After your free trial has expired, you will be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee. Read our Financial Services Guide.

Your investment plans made easy

Follow trusted recommendations based on five portfolio strategies for convenient, confident investing.

ASX Growth Portfolio

Achieve returns through capital appreciation rather than income.

14 stocks

US Growth Portfolio

Grow your investment capital with international market exposure. The bulk of returns come through capital appreciation as opposed to dividend income.

14 stocks

ASX Blue Chip Portfolio

Invest with the popular US Strategy, 'The Dogs of the Dow'. Includes high dividend-yielding stocks in the ASX50 adjusted on an 'as-needed' basis based on monthly checks.

10 stocks

ASX Income Portfolio

Invest with a long-term buy and hold strategy with the top ASX-listed hybrid securities. Access a steady income yield with a lower risk of capital loss than ordinary shares.

7 stocks

ASX Event Portfolio

This longstanding portfolio suits a relatively conservative investor seeking a modest return with minimal volatility. ASX Event seeks to profit from corporate actions, particularly takeovers.

Subject to change

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Why subscribe to Investment Portfolios?

More control

Choose a portfolio that suits your goals and choose how much you want to invest. You'll be alerted when it's time to buy and sell recommended shares to keep your goals on track.

More confidence

Take your first investing steps with the support of expert guidance. Each portfolio follows a systematic trading system tested on a number of investment criteria. This makes for a good understanding of how each portfolio may behave at different market stages.

More convenience

Forget hours combing market research. Access historical performance, educational content, news and analysis and market commentary related to your Investment Portfolio.

Go global with $0 brokerage on US, UK, Canadian and Japanese shares*
*Trades on all international stocks are subject to FX spreads
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What is an Investment Portfolio?

Our investment portfolios are baskets of shares that cover the Australian and US markets. Each has its own risk and return profile, and maintenance requirements (i.e., what and when to buy and sell based off market conditions).

They're designed for those who want control over their investments, and those who aren't sure where to start but are looking to grow their own portfolio with the support of general trading advice and recommendations.

All our portfolios, except for ASX Event Portfolio, follow a systematic trading methodology. They are tested on a number of investment criteria depending on their objective (e.g. growth/income). This evaluation includes over 20 years of simulated results for a good understanding of the frequency of trading and how each portfolio may behave at different market stages.

How do I invest in a portfolio?

Once you've chosen an Investment Portfolio, you'll subscribe to details on its current stocks and future recommendations. You're always in control, so you'll choose how much you want to invest in the portfolio and allocate this evenly across its stocks. We'll notify you by email of the portfolio's updates and its buy/sell recommendations.

Further details on this process are available via the Investment Portfolios pages on your platform.

Do I need to subscribe to view an Investment Portfolio?

Yes, our portfolios are for subscribers only. Subscribers get full access to our clear and actionable buy and sell recommendations. They also receive email updates on chosen portfolios, related news and analysis articles, and access to past performance and trade recommendations.

A subscriptions fee is charged monthly by debit or credit card. These subscriptions automatically renew on the anniversary of your subscription date. Cancel any time up to 24 hours before your next payment date to avoid charges.

Are any Investment Portfolios free?

A 3-month free trial on one portfolio is available to help you learn more about our Investment Portfolios. You can choose either the ASX Blue Chip Portfolio, ASX Growth Portfolio or US Growth Portfolio.

After your free trial has expired, you will be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee. Read our Financial Services Guide. We will send you an email one week prior to the free trial ending, so you can manage your subscription. Cancel any time up to 24 hours before your renewal date to avoid charges.

We also offer free analysis and market commentary, including a regular Morning Market Wrap, if you're not ready to subscribe.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

Investment portfolio management is simple via the manage subscription page on the platform. You can also update your card payment details, card contact details, and view your next billing date for each active portfolio.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your portfolio subscription via the manage subscription page up to 24 hours before your next payment date to avoid charges. You'll be removed from the next billing cycle when your cancellation is processed. Your access will remain open until the subscription expiry date.

Do you provide financial advice on your portfolios?

We provide general advice which doesn't consider your personal situation. Please consider your own circumstances before buying any of our products or acting on our general advice or recommendations.

What if I need to update my card payment details?

Update card payment details via the manage subscription page on the platform. An authorisation charge of $1 will be made to verify the card is valid, and your card hasn't been lost or stolen. This temporary charge will be refunded within 1—3 business days.

Why do I need to enter my contact details before subscribing?

This is to verify the identity of the cardholder when making a card transaction. It helps ensure your payment is successful as these details can be different to your account details. We store this information for future payments and easier processing.

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