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Trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on over 12,000+ products including FX Pairs, Indices, Commodities, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, and Treasuries.

Diversify your portfolio through ETF investment. Kick-start your investing journey with a huge range of Aussie and international ETFs, all available on our one-stop investment platform.Now that's diversification.
Why CMC Invest
The Home of ETFsYou'll be spoilt for choice with over 300 Aussie and 10,000 international ETFs ready for you to invest in.
Great PricingYou won't pay a cent of brokerage on over 8,000 ETFs from the US, UK, Canada & Japan. FX Spreads apply.
One AccountInvest in ETFs, international shares and domestic shares all from the one account.
What are ETFs?Think of ETFs (or Exchange-traded funds) like a meal box for your shares. Instead of shopping for your ingredients one-by-one, you receive pre-portioned ingredients at your door. The same thinking can apply to ETFs - instead of buying individual shares to build your portfolio, you buy units in an ETF that is weighted to track the performance of certain companies, regions or sectors.ETFs are a shortcut way to own a diverse mix of investments without having to buy each one individually. Plus, they can be bought and sold just like regular shares, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice.With over 10,000 ETFs available on our platform, you'll be able to find one that tracks industries, regions or markets that interest you.
Zero in on great brokerageStart investing with $0 brokerage on all US, UK, Canadian and Japanese-listed ETFs. FX spreads apply.
Investing inspiration Thematic stock and ETF watchlists are your source for curated investment ideas in our mobile app. Keep an eye on key stocks and ETFs; from big tech and booming industries to emerging economies and ESG themes.
Discover different types of ETFs availableETFs can help take the guesswork out of selecting stocks, as fund managers have carefully selected the underlying bonds and securities for you. This means you can easily invest in different industries and regions, with measured exposure to emerging trends and markets.We offer over 10,000 international and Aussie ETFs, so the choice is yours.Equity ETFsSome of the most popular ETFs track the performance of a country's top performing companies. For example, VAS (Vanguard Australian Shares Index), one of the most popular ETFs on the ASX, attempts to track the top 300 listed companies in Australia by market value. There are plenty of other ETFs which track the performance of the ASX, FTSE, NASDAQ or other popular markets.Regional ETFsCertain ETFs provide exposure to different markets, regions and currencies. They're often seen as a shortcut way to add global diversification to your portfolio.Thematic ETFsSome ETFs provide exposure to particular industries or emerging trends. For example, US big tech, AI, renewable energy or mining.Ethical ETFs Another way ETFs can add diversification is through investing in companies that adhere to certain ethical behaviours. From sustainability to social responsibility or ethical governance, you can invest your portfolio in a world of good.Diversified ETFs If you're not sure on where to start, then a broad diversified ETF could be the ultimate first investment for your portfolio. Diversified ETFs will cater to a range of risk appetites, industries and themes - all pulled together by your fund provider.Get started today The choice is yours - with over 10,000 ETFs available, global opportunity has never been closer. Plus, start investing with $0 brokerage on US, UK, Japanese and Canadian-listed ETFs. FX spreads apply.
How our Aussie ETF brokerage compares
*First buy under $1,000, per ETF, per day. Excludes margin loan settled trades.
^based on using a relevant broker-associated bank account
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FX spreads apply to all international orders. Data as at 22 August 2023. No representation is made for the accuracy or completeness of competitor information. For up-to-date competitor pricing and product offerings, visit their website. See our FSG for fees and charges.
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