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US tax forms

What are US tax forms?

Applicable if you invest in US shares, the US tax forms are a legal document required by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) in order to declare your tax status. By completing the form you may be able to claim a reduced rate of withholding tax. It is valid until 31 December; three years from the year, you signed the form.

Are there different US tax forms for different account types?

Yes, there are different US tax forms depending on your account type:

- W-8BEN – to be completed by individuals.  A separate form is required for each account owner in the case of joint accounts.

- W-8BEN-E – to be completed by a company, complex trusts (e.g. superfund accounts) where the recipient entity is the beneficial owner of the dividend.

- W-8IMY – to be completed by entities where investment income is received in an intermediary capacity and is subsequently distributed to beneficiaries (e.g. Discretionary trusts).  

- W-9 – to be completed by US Persons.

How do I complete the US tax form?

You can now complete the W-8BEN and other US tax forms on the platform. Simply navigate to the ‘US Tax Forms’ page from the ‘Support’ dropdown menu. If you are an eligible account owner, you will be able to update and lodge the form. To view eligibility requirements, visit the US tax forms page on the platform.
Our online US tax form solution is provided by IHS Markit.
Alternatively, paper forms and help guides are available here.

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