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Cryptocurrencies instrument details

Trade on the price of popular cryptocurrency products against the US dollar, via a CFD trading account.
​View the spreads and margin rates below. Trading hours for all cryptocurrencies are from 8am Monday - 6am Saturday AEST.

InstrumentNew minimum spreadOld minimum spreadSpread reduction (%)Spread vs IGMargin rate from
Bitcoin cash/USD1.8
Dash/USD5n/an/aNot offered10%
Monero/USD10n/an/aNot offered10%
Cardano/USD7n/an/aNot offered10%
TRON/USD5n/an/aNot offered10%

Information accurate as of 12/04/2019. Please note that we may restrict trades from time to time, due to high demand.

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Why trade cryptocurrencies with CMC?

There are a number of reasons to trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies with us:

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No auto expiry

Unlike some providers we don’t automatically close you out each week, so you can hold positions without having to pay spread costs to reopen the trade.

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Trade on margin

Take a position on popular cryptocurrencies without tying up all of your capital.

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Go long or short

Take advantage of cryptocurrency price movements and take a view on whether they will rise – or fall – in price. 

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Avoid the worry and hassle of dealing with an unfamiliar cryptocurrency exchange and trade with an established provider, where you can easily deposit or withdraw funds.

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^Please note, we may, at our sole discretion, restrict your ability to go long or short. We may restrict trades from time to time, due to high demand. 
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