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Trade CFDs on over 330 spot and forward currency trading pairs, including major, minor and exotic FX pairs.

​​New to forex trading? Find out more in our introduction to forex.

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What is forex trading?

Forex trading is the simultaneous buying and selling of the world’s currencies on a decentralised global market. It’s also referred to as the foreign exchange or FX market. As one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, its total average turnover per day is reported to exceed $5 trillion. The forex market is not based in a central location or exchange so is open to trade 24 hours a day, from Sunday night through to Friday night.
Find out more in our introduction to forex

How do you trade forex?

Our forex pairs are available to trade as contracts for difference (CFDs). When trading forex, you speculate on whether the price of one currency will rise or fall against another.
For example, if you choose to trade AUD/USD (Australian dollar/US dollar) and you think the value of the AUD will rise against USD, you go long (buy). If you think AUD will fall against USD, you go short (sell). If your prediction is correct, you make a profit. If your prediction is incorrect, you would make a loss.
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Currency pairs

Forex is always traded in currency pairs, for example EUR/USD. The first currency (EUR) is called the ‘base currency’. The second currency (USD) is known as the ‘counter currency’. The way currencies are displayed shows us how many units of the counter currency you can buy with one unit of the base currency. This is the exchange rate, or in other words, how many US dollars you can buy for one euro.

Forex CFD product details

​View the spreads, margins and trading hours for some of the most popularly traded FX pairs on our Next Generation CFD trading platform below. 

For product trading hours, check the CMC Markets trading platform.

Minimum spread from*
Margin rate from
AUD/JPY 1.3 3.33%
AUD/NZD 2.6 5%
EUR/CHF 2.5 3.33%
EUR/GBP 1.1 3.33%
EUR/JPY 1.5 3.33%
EUR/USD 0.7 3.33%
GBP/CHF 2.8 3.33%
GBP/JPY 2.5 3.33%
GBP/USD 1.0 3.33%
INR/USD 10 5%
NZD/USD 1.8 5%
USD/CAD 1.7 3.33%
USD/CHF 1.0 3.33%
USD/CNH 10 5%
USD/CZK 3.0 5%
USD/DKK 7.0 5%
USD/HKD 5.0 5%
USD/HUF 20.0 5%
USD/JPY 0.7 3.33%
USD/MXN 75.0 5%
USD/NOK 25.0
USD/RUB 2.2 10%
USD/SGD 3.0 5%

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​​*A minimum spread is the lowest spread that will be shown on the given product. Minimum spread will vary subject to after-hours trading. If the underlying market spread widens throughout the trading day, or you are trading out of hours, the platform spread may also widen. The spreads shown are for the first price available for the average market trade/bet sizes in the relevant product. The spread will widen for larger trade/bet sizes, see our platform for more information.

This data is provided for general information only and may not be current. Please refer to the product overview area of our trading platform for real-time information on the spreads, margin rates, commission (as applicable) and trading hours of a particular product.

​Please note that the change in price that results in a P&L change equal to your stake size is represented by the last large digit in the price shown on the platform.​

At the end of each trading day  (5pm New York time), positions held in your account may be subject to a holding cost. The holding cost can be positive or negative depending on the direction of your position and the applicable holding rate. Historical holding rates, expressed as an annual percentage rate, are visible on our platform within the overview section of each product. View further details about our CFD trading holding costs.​

† Awarded 'Customer Service Team of the Year - small team', CSIA Australian Customer service awards 2018. Awarded ‘Overall satisfaction,’ ‘Value for money’ and ‘Customer service’, Investment Trends 2017 Australia CFD Report; ‘Risk management’, ‘Education materials/programs’ and ‘Trading ideas/strategies’, Investment Trends 2017 Australia Reports CFD & FX. Awarded ‘Best CFD Broker’ Finance Magnates 2017. Awarded ‘Best Online Trading Platform’ and ‘Financial Services Provider of the Year’, 2016 Shares Awards. 

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