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Pro Platform

How do I access the Pro platform?

You can login to the Pro platform here, using your established login details. Alternatively you can launch the Pro platform from the Standard platform by selecting ‘Launch Pro Platform’ under the ‘Support’ menu which will open up the pro platform in a new browser tab. It is a similar to access the standard platform from the Pro Platform, simply select ‘Access Standard Platform’ from the ‘Support’ menu.

You can access both platforms simultaneously, this will allow you to access any features or products not available in either platform. Both platforms are fully integrated, so all orders, watchlists, alerts and account details will be identical and can be managed from both platforms. Please note, if you try to access either platform from another browser or computer, your first session will be closed.

If I drop from one of the frequent trader tiers (Active Investor or Premium Trader tier) to the Classic Investor tier, will I immediately need to start paying for Pro platform?

No, whilst you might have dropped down to the Classic Investor tier you will still have an additional three months complimentary access to Pro platform. You will only need to start paying for the Pro platform usage after the three months if you have not moved back up to the Active Investor or Premium Trader tiers.

Is there a charge for using the Pro platform?

The Pro platform attracts a monthly platform fee of $49 if you’re on the Classic tier. This fee is waived for frequent traders in our Active Investor and Premium Trader tiers. No matter what Frequent Trader Program tier you’re on, you will continue to get complimentary access to our standard online trading platform.

Do I need to subscribe to dynamic data to use the Pro platform?

No, you will receive complimentary access to our Dynamic Data package to further enhance your trading efficiency when you subscribe to the Pro platform.

Are all ASX products available on the Pro platform?

Currently all listed equities, warrants, hybrids, interest rate securities, options and ETFs are available on the Pro platform. mFunds are currently not available. If you need to access mFunds, you can do this on our standard trading platform.

What software or plug-ins do I need to use the Pro platform?

The Pro platform will work on any modern browser which supports HTML 5. We recommend the latest release versions of Google Chrome however Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 10 and above also work. No additional plug-ins are needed.

How do I know if I’ve got access to the Pro platform?

Once you have successfully subscribed to the Pro Platform you will be notified by email of your subscription. You will also have a new option under the ‘Support’ menu to ‘Launch Pro Platform’.

How can I find out more about the Pro platform?

For more information about the features of our Pro platform, including a platform tour and our Quick guide, please see our Pro Platform product page.