• How can I keep emails from CMC Markets Stockbroking out of my spam folder?

    If your anti-spam software is putting emails from us in your spam folder, add ‘’ to your email address book, contact list or ‘Safe List’.

  • How do I start trading with CMC Markets Stockbroking?

    You can open a stockbroking account by taking a few minutes to fill in an application form online. Most applicants can be identified online and will not need to send in any paperwork.

    When we’ve confirmed your ID or if you're electronically identified, we’ll process your application and open your stockbroking account within 2-4 days. You can then begin trading over the phone or online immediately (you’ll need funds and/or shares in your stockbroking account in order to place orders).

    Apply for an account online today

    Please note: we can only accept applications from clients permanently residing in Australia.

  • How do I move my holdings from another broker?

    To transfer holdings held with another broker, please complete the Transfer CHESS Holdings form.

    If you want to transfer holdings held with the Issuer, please complete the Issuer to Chess transfer form.

  • How can I change my address/contact details?

    You can change your address from within the standard stockbroking platform. Select 'Personal details' from the 'Settings' (cog icon) menu in the top left hand corner of the platform, and follow the prompts.

    Alternatively you can use our Change of Details Form. This form needs to be signed by all account holders and returned using the below details.

    Fax: (02) 9221 9365
    Post: CMC Markets Stockbroking, GPO Box 5351, Sydney NSW 2001.

  • I trade over the phone with CMC Markets Stockbroking, am I able to view my CHESS holdings online?

    Yes, if you hold your CHESS holdings with us contact our Client Services team on 1300 360 071 and we can set you up with view-only access to our platform. If you also have a CMC Markets Cash Account you can trade online.

  • Who can trade on my stockbroking account?

    Only the account holder, or account holders if it’s a joint account, can trade on your stockbroking account unless you’ve authorised someone else to trade on your behalf. If you’d like to nominate another person to trade on your stockbroking account, you need to complete the Authorised Agent (Authorised Person) Form and send it to us.

  • What are the fees for accessing news, research and market information?

    All news and research information on the website is free for customers. There are nominal fees for SMS and email alerts.

    You have a choice of three market-price data plans for viewing ASX prices:

    1. Free Delayed Data (20-minute delay)
    2. Live Data for $10 a month, or free for users in our Active Investor Tier
    3. Dynamic Data for $41.25 a month, or FREE for users in our Premium Trader Tier

    Click Here for more details about fees and charges, and click here for more information on our tiers.

  • How can I close my account?

    We will need a signed request from you stating that you wish to close your account, alongside with a copy of your primary form of ID.

    This signed request can be scanned/email, post or faxed.

  • How do I do a one-off sale?

    CMC Markets Stockbroking offers one-off sale at a competitive rate for shareholders without opening a stockbroking account. Visit our sell only service page for additional details and costs.

    We will send the sale proceeds to you after the two day settlement period (T+2).