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How do I fund my MT4 account?

In order to fund your MT4 account, you will need to transfer funds from your bank account into the main ‘Payments’ tab’ within the Next Generation Trading Platform.

You will not be able to trade via this Next Generation account. This account is set up specifically for funding, withdrawals and account information only. Once funds are applied, they will appear simultaneously in both your Next Generation and MT4 accounts.

For more funding options, click here.

Please ensure that any payment you make to fund your account is from a card or account in the name of your trading account. Any payment from third-party sources will be returned


What products can I trade on MT4?

We currently offer selected Forex, Indices and Commodities products. You can also trade on Shares through our Next Generation Trading platform via a separate Next Generation CFD Account.

You can access our most recent product offering by right-clicking in the ‘marketwatch’ window and  selecting ‘show all.’


How do I withdraw funds from my MT4 account?

You can withdraw funds from your account online by clicking on the 'Payments' icon and then selecting the 'Withdrawals' tab in your Next Generation Trading account.

If you have any issues making a withdrawal, you can call our award-winning support team for assistance on 1800 559 6000. Please be aware that for your protection, we may request additional information and/or proof of identity before processing the withdrawal request.

We do not transfer funds to a third-party account so please ensure that the bank account is in your name.


How do I open an MT4 account with CMC Markets?

You can apply for an MT4 account here.

If you currently already have a Next Generation Trading account, you will need to apply for a separate MT4 account. 


Where can I download and install MT4?

For further information on how to download and install MT4, you can read our guide here.

If you are experiencing issues with downloading or installing MT4 our support team will be happy to assist you on 1800 559 6000 or +65 6559 6000.

Can I use MT4 on mobile?

Yes - MT4 can be used on Android and Apple devices. Simply search for ‘MT4’ in the app store.


What is the maximum margin and other costs associated with MT4?

The MT4 platform is free. Standard holding costs and spreads apply to most products as with our Next Generation trading platform.

For a complete picture of related costs, please log in to the Next Generation portal and locate the “product overview” information window for that product to see the complete list.


What server do I use to access CMC Markets prices?

For your demo account, you will need to use: “CMCMarkets1-Demo

For your live account, you will need to use: “CMCMarkets1-Live

Can I use MT4 on a Mac?

MT4 is designed to be used on a PC using what is called a .NET framework. This framework is not currently supported by Mac.


Where can I see my statement and account balance?

You can find your MT4 account statements within the Next Generation account.

You can access this by clicking on “Statement Centre” located in the Account tab, which is found on the main menu.


Why do I need a Next Generation account for MT4?

We use our native built, award-winning Next Generation trading platform to facilitate funding limitations within the MT4 platform and provide a secure funding process for our clients.

On top of funding, withdrawals and account information, your access to this Next Generation account also offers a market calendar, Reuters and client sentiment tools.

How do I add an Expert Advisor or indicator to MT4?

To add an EA, open MT4 and go to ‘file.’ Then ‘open data folder’. Choose ‘MQL4’, and then ‘expert advisors’ or ‘indicators’.

You can then copy the file you want to add and drag/drop it into your preferred location. Close and reopen MT4, and you should see the item in the navigator window.


How do I view my MT4 trade history?

To view your trade history through MT4, log in to MT4 and go to the 'terminal' window.

Choose the 'account history' tab at the bottom of the terminal window. From here you can right click anywhere within the window; this will prompt you to select which history you'd like to download.

You can also view your trade history through your Next Generation account.


What is the maximum trade size for MT4 with CMC Markets?

The maximum trade size varies depending on the product. 

For more specific product information, right-click on the product inside the ‘marketwatch’ window and select “specification.” This will provide more detailed information about minimum and maximum trade size for that product.


Does my MT4 demo account expire?

MT4 demo accounts remain active as long as you log in to your MT4 trading platform at least once every 30 days. If you don’t log in within that timeframe, your account will automatically be closed. You can set up a new demo account again at any time in the future.

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