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  • How can I find the new Countdowns product on the trading platform and mobile app?

    On the mobile app, select ‘More’ at the bottom right of the screen and then click on 'Countdowns'. On the desktop platform, click on the clock icon located on the left-hand side of the question mark. On the desktop platform, you will be able to see 'Support' for the question mark and Countdowns for the clock. If, however, you are accessing the mobile app using a smaller screen, this may not be as obvious.

  • How can I set loss limits for Countdowns?

    You can access the loss limit feature via 'Account Settings'. This feature lets you set the maximum amount you are willing to lose on Countdowns over different time periods (day, week and month).

  • How do I log into my CMC Markets account?

    Once you have received confirmation that your account has been opened and you have verified your email address, you can log in via our website. To sign in you will need to enter your registered email address and password as used on your application form, then, select live or demo account.

  • Can I view the platform over more than one screen?

    Yes. To do so, click on 'Restore down' in the top-right corner of your browser window and then simply drag a corner of the browser to expand the platform over as many screens as you like.

  • How do I apply a stop-loss or take-profit order to an existing position on the web platform?

    If you already have a position open, click on 'Modify Trade', which is the silver cog located on the right-hand side of your trade within the positions window. This will launch the order ticket. Within the order ticket, click on either stop loss or take profit or both depending on what you are looking to do. There are three ways in which you can place these orders within the order ticket:

    o    The left-hand side box is the area in which you can input the desired price for your stop-loss or take-profit order.

    o    The box on the right-hand side will indicate how much money you are willing to lose or make.

    o    You can amend the box on the right by clicking on the arrows above it. This will change the figure to show how many points away from your entry price you would like to place your stop-loss or take-profit order.

    Please note that regular and trailing stop-loss orders are not guaranteed to be executed at the desired level and slippage can occur if the markets gap through your stop. Slippage often occurs because of volatility, perhaps due to news events. If you want to avoid slippage, you should add a guaranteed stop-loss order to your position (please see below).

  • How can I attach a stop loss or take profit order to an existing position using the mobile app?

    Log in to the app, select 'Positions' at the bottom left of the screen and then select the position to which you would like to attach the stop loss or take profit order. Then select 'Stop Loss' or 'Take Profit'.

  • How can I partially close trades on the mobile app?

    To partially close trades on the mobile app, select 'Positions' at the bottom left of the screen and then click on the red cross. You can then amend the amount/stake for the trade you wish to close.  Once you've confirmed this, your trade will be partially closed by the amount you entered. You will be able to see the remaining part of the trade in the positions window.

  • On the desktop platform, how can I tell which technical indicator does what?

    Click on 'Technicals' located at the foot of the chart for the product you wish to trade and then select the technical for which you'd like to get more information. This will open a pop up with an ‘i’ icon on the top left of the pop-up box. Click on the 'i' to see a detailed explanation of how the technical indicator works and how to interpret it.

  • How can I apply a guaranteed stop-loss order to my trade?

    Within the deal ticket, select 'Stop Loss' and then click on the arrow below 'Regular' on the right-hand side of the deal ticket. Then select 'GSLO' (guaranteed stop-loss order). Proceed to enter your stop loss amount as you would with a regular stop. Please note that there is a minimum distance at which GSLOs will be placed and a premium attached. This information can be found within the product overview for the relevant product.

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