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How are holding costs on forex, Gold, Silver and the Precious Metals Index calculated?

The overnight holding rate used when calculating the applicable holding costs on FX comes from the tom-next rate, which is the difference between the two currencies’ interest rates, with an additional 0.0027% CMC Markets charge added. Learn more about CFD holding costs.

Please note, you'll be charged holding costs for three days on either a Wednesday or a Thursday, depending on the currency pair, as shown in the table below.




All other FX pairs, FX indices, Gold, Silver, Precious Metals Index

Monday 5pm EST

x1 Holding Cost rate

x1 Holding Cost rate

Tuesday 5pm EST

x1 Holding Cost rate

x1 Holding Cost rate

Wednesday 5pm EST

x1 Holding Cost rate

x3 Holding Cost rate

Thursday 5pm EST

x3 Holding Cost rate

x1 Holding Cost rate

Friday 5pm EST

x1 Holding Cost rate

x1 Holding Cost rate

What do CMC Markets charge on converting foreign currency profit or loss into my home currency?

If you are trading foreign exchanges products on our CFD platform there is a charge of 50 basis points (0.5%) to convert foreign currencies into your home currency.

Can I convert currencies using a CMC Markets account?

No, we do not offer currency exchange facilities.



Where do you derive your FX prices from?

Prices streamed from our liquidity providers (November 2015 – Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Barclays, Goldman, UBS, Citibank and HSBC) are consumed by our automated pricing engine where the ‘best’ and most representative price is used to create our quotes on which clients trade.

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