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Transferring stocks

What is CHESS?

CHESS stands for Clearing House Electronic Subregister System. Instead of handing out physical share certificates, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) uses this system to record  share ownership against your HIN and settle share transactions.

What is a HIN?

HIN stands for Holder Identification Number. It’s a unique number used to identify an account that is CHESS Sponsored and uses a broker to register its holdings. You’ll be provided with a HIN when you become a client of CMC Invest or when you request to be CHESS Sponsored with CMC Invest.

How do I transfer my shares to CMC Invest if I have a HIN with another broker?

Complete the ASX Transfer CHESS Holdings form here and/or, the International Broker to Broker form here and we’ll arrange a transfer on your behalf. Please note, depending on your existing broker you may need to provide a copy of ID for each account holder.

I have Issuer Sponsored Holdings. How can I transfer them to my share trading account?

You can transfer your Issuer Sponsored Shares by initiating a transfer request by logging into the standard platform and selecting Transfer Securities from the Account menu. You’ll need your Issuer Sponsored holding details including your Security Reference Number (SRN) and quantity of holding.

Important note: You can only transfer into an account registered in the same name and address as the Issuer Sponsored Holdings. Transferring into a different name is treated as an off-market transfer. For example, if the holdings are in the name ‘Mr J Smith’, you can’t transfer them directly into the account ‘Mr and Mrs J Smith’.

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