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The share market has been seen to offer better long term returns than most investments. Also with low minimum investments, you don’t need significant capital to get started. And there are thousands of companies available to choose from across a wide range of market sectors.

Access a variety of exchanges to buy and sell shares: 

ASX listed securities

Choose from an extensive selection of Australian Shares with over 2,200 companies listed on the ASX. Covering most sectors of the Australian economy including financial services, industrials and healthcare.

CMC Markets

SSX listed securities

As the first accredited broker to offer shares through the Sydney Stock Exchange Limited (SSX), CMC Markets Invest clients have the opportunity to invest in growth-oriented companies across Australia and Asia. Trading SSX shares is limited to phone trading. 

View our SSX FAQs for more information.

CMC Markets


Warrants give investors an alternative way to borrow to invest in some of Australia’s leading companies and a variety of other underlying assets, such as, indices, currencies, commodities and listed managed investments. 

They may take the form of investment warrants (longer term) or trading or speculative warrants (generally short term). Warrants are listed and traded on the ASX.

You must also sign and return a warrant client agreement form before your account will be enabled for warrant trading. View more information on warrants and relevant forms.


As a foundation member of the mFund Settlement Service – CMC Markets Invest offers direct access to invest in unlisted managed funds quickly and conveniently, through our award-winning platforms. Access a range of asset classes and market sectors – without the paperwork burden usually associated with investing in unlisted managed funds.

Learn more about mFunds or view our mFunds FAQs 

Why invest in mFunds?

  • Transparent and efficient portfolio
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Save time
  • Easier and familiar transaction and administration
CMC Markets

What’s the difference between our standard and pro platforms?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

CMC Markets Invest supports the full range of ETF providers in Australia listed on the ASX. There are many different types of ETF the most common ones track an index, portfolio of stocks or bonds, there are also variants known as Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) that track the physical price of a commodity such as gold. Just like shares all ETFs listed on the ASX provide investors with the flexibility to buy and sell units at any time during the ASX trading hours.

  • Unlike managed funds, ETFs do not have minimum holding periods or early withdrawal fees.
  • ETFs hold the underlying securities in a trust separately with a custodian.
  • Listed on the ASX - Just like shares, ETFs can be bought and sold, and also be traded through gearing facilities such as a margin loan or CFDs.
  • Easy diversification - get exposure to an entire market, country or region with one trade.
  • ETFs are a cost-effective investment product – it only takes one transaction to purchase a fully diversified index. The cost of investing in ETFs generally attracts lower fees (Management Expense Ratio) than investing in actively managed equity funds, and even some equity index funds. Low minimum initial investment of $500 (for ASX-listed ETFs).
  • ETFs, particularly index funds, aim to disclose their holdings regularly so you can see exactly what you hold in your portfolio.
  • Currency risk - Investing in ETFs with an international focus exposes your capital to currency risk as well as local equity returns.
  • Liquidity - Liquidity varies from ETF to ETF and influences the buy/sell spread (or cost) you’ll encounter when trying to trade.

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Options give active investors the flexibility and ability to protect, grow or diversify their position. With a number of strategies and jargon, options can appear complex however all options strategies work on the same principle. Options allow you to ‘lock in’ a future buy or sell price for an underlying security. The set price you agree on won’t change and it’s this fixed element that smart investors rely on. Learn more about options

Options trading just got more convenient with our fully integrated platform, all the tools you need to create and execute options strategies at your fingertips. View all forms for options accounts here.

CMC Markets

Funding options

Did you know there are two ways you can choose to fund your trades? 

  • Open a Macquarie Cash Management Account, which is opened by us on your behalf. 
  • Gear your share trading with a linked margin loan from Leveraged or St. George.

Managed funds

Managed funds are professionally managed pools of funds invested in various asset classes including shares, property and cash. You can purchase units in these funds, and the value of these units changes depending on the value of the fund as a whole. 

Minimum initial investments range from $1,000 to $5,000, dependent on the specific fund. For full details, you need to refer to the product disclosure statement (PDS) issued by each fund manager. 

Entry fees rebated

Whilst you could go direct to a fund manager, if you apply through us any entry fees payable on our preferred managed fund managers will be rebated.

To apply – select from our preferred fund managers listed and complete the application form in their PDS. Send your completed application and if you’re not a client already, a copy of your certified identification.

Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

Operating much like managed funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) invest in a diverse and professionally managed portfolio of Australian and international assets such as shares, property and interest-bearing deposits.

Although LICs offer similar exposure to assets available through many unlisted managed funds, they are generally more transparent as they must comply with the stock exchange’s corporate governance and reporting requirements.

As closed-ended vehicles, investors must buy and sell existing shares in order to join and leave funds. This closed-ended structure enables the fund manager to concentrate on selecting investments without having to factor in money coming into or leaving the fund, enabling them to take a long-term approach to investing.

Most LICs usually distribute their income by way of fully franked dividends to minimise tax and produce regular income.

LICs are ideal for investors wanting to achieve market diversification or who many not have the expertise or inclination to invest directly in other ASX listed companies.

Interest rate securities and bonds

Investors looking to receive a steady stream of income often only consider bank term deposits. However, bonds (or Interest Rate Securities a type of ‘debt security’) traded on ASX can present an attractive alternative.

Bonds generally provide greater certainty on their income stream and return of capital, unlike equities. The regular interest income and principal repayments of bonds at maturity can provide a greater level of security for retirees or others (SMSFs).

There are three types of bonds quoted on ASX. They can be broadly classified into the type of interest they pay (fixed, floating or indexed), and can be split into categories based on the issuer (government or corporate).

ASX has produced a handy booklet – Understanding Bonds that you should read before investing in this asset class.

What’s the difference between our standard and pro platforms?

IPOs and placements

​Access the primary market with traditional and ASX BookBuild IPOs and placements.

Until recently, clients of online brokers were rarely able to participate in initial public offerings (IPOs) or other capital raisings (placements). CMC Markets Invest offers access to floats via both the traditional ‘broker firm offer’ or the latest ASX On-Market BookBuild facility.

An initiative from ASX and OnMarket BookBuilds, ASX BookBuild is a capital raising facility that provides an alternative method for pricing and allocating new securities for IPOs, Placements and the sale of Renounced Rights.

CMC Markets Invest enables both our wholesale and retail clients to participate in ASX BookBuild transactions through an existing CHESS Sponsored trading account, providing the appropriate documentation is on file and eligibility* requirements have been met.

Eligibility criteria

  • Account - have a CMC Markets CHESS Sponsored Invest Account
  • Client Agreement - Complete, sign and return the CMC Markets ASX BOOKBUILD Client Agreement Form
  • Qualification - to determine whether you meet eligibility requirements to participate in the Offer as required by CMC Markets or applicable laws. View the requirements for Placements, or the Sale of Renounced Rights. Anyone may participate in an IPO provided you meet the other two requirements .

CMC Markets Invest participates in most major retail IPOs. If you have any questions regarding a specific IPO please contact our dealing desk on 1300 136 323 or email ipo@cmcmarkets.com.au

International shares

With CMC Markets Invest you’ll have access to both domestic and international markets. You can access the international market through a variety of investment options, including:

  • SSX listed securities
  • mFunds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Options
  • Listed Investment Companies (LICs)
  • CFDs

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