Funding your trades

You can fund your trades in two different ways. 

Open a CMC Markets Cash Account

Held with Bankwest and managed by us on your behalf. 

Use a linked margin loan

Gear your share trading with a linked margin loan from Leveraged, Suncorp or St. George.

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CMC Markets Cash Account held with Bankwest

To take advantage of Australia’s lowest online brokerage with us, you need to have a CMC Markets Cash Account. Keep your funds in your CMC Markets Cash Account, which is held with Bankwest and managed by us on your behalf. 

CMC Markets

Easy access to funds

With your CMC Markets Cash Account you can easily access your individually-held electronic funds whilst trading and still earn competitive interest on funds at call. Setup with your stockbroking account, it’s the easiest way to pay for your share purchases and receive payment from your sales. You can also have all your dividends paid in directly into this account.

You can easily transfer funds to and from your CMC Markets Cash Account when you link your everyday bank account to it.

CMC Markets


CMC Markets Stockbroking will charge an Broker Service Fee (BSF) of 1% per annum however there are no fees charged by BankWest for this account. Interest rates shown are net of the 1% p.a. BSF.

More on interest rates 

CMC Markets

Funding your CMC Markets Cash Account

Easy ways to fund or top up your CMC Markets Cash Account. 

Have more questions about funding your CMC Markets Cash Account? Read our CMC Markets Cash Account FAQs 

What’s the difference between CFD and share trading?

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Gear your share trading with a linked margin loan

You can leverage your share trading and trade shares with us using a margin loan from any margin lending provider you choose. If your margin loan is with Leveraged, Suncorp or St.George, you can even take advantage of Australia’s lowest online brokerage.

CMC Markets

Link an existing margin loan to your new stockbroking account

Already have a margin lender? No problem.

There’s no need to establish a new margin loan. We can execute trades over the phone using margin loans with any margin lender at our standard phone brokerage rates. When you open a margin lending linked account with us, just let us know your existing margin loan number and we’ll make sure your new stockbroking account is linked to it.

CMC Markets

Trading online

If you have a margin loan with LeveragedSuncorp or St.George, you can link it to your online stockbroking account and take advantage of Australia’s lowest online brokerage rates – just $11 or 0.10%, whichever is the greater.

By linking your Leveraged, Suncorp or St.George Margin Loan you can execute share trades online – in real time as well as view your margin loan balance and holdings online. Unlike other brokers, we charge no additional fees for trading with a margin loan.

* CMC Markets Stockbroking is not licensed to provide you with margin lending related services or advice. We may receive commission for referring margin lending customers to a particular margin lender. CMC Markets Stockbroking may be entitled to an interest rate rebate of up to 1.00% of the referred customer’s margin loan from the relevant margin lender.

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Sell your shares only

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