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International Share Trading

It’s smart investing to consider buying and selling international shares. They can diversify your trading strategy, grow your portfolio and minimise your risk. Discover a world of opportunity trading the best performing and emerging companies across the globe.

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Why trade international shares?

There’s more opportunity and greater diversification when you open your strategy to international share trading. In a nutshell, the pool of potential returns gets bigger.

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) represents less than 2% of the global market. Like big fish in a small pond, it’s dominated by a few large industry sectors: mining, healthcare and financials.

Casting your net overseas is like paddling out from the pond and into the ocean. You can invest in US tech giants, companies listed on the fast-growing Chinese market, major global banks on the London Stock Exchange and more opportunities not available on the ASX.

Spread your risk

Buying and selling international shares can better protect you against loss. If the Australian market isn’t doing so well, your investments in international markets may tide you over.

According to the ASX Australian Investor Study 2020, only 15% of Australian shareholders own international shares, leaving a lot of locals relying heavily on the one market to consistently perform to hit their financial goals.

Take advantage of trading hours

Markets never sleep. Early birds, night owls, and those working a 9-5 can take advantage of trading hours across the globe to suit their needs.

For example, US stocks can only be traded during the opening hours of their exchanges: 9.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, New York time (excluding public holidays). So when Australia’s daylight saving kicks in, locals can use more of their day to find opportunity on the US market​.

Trade US stocks for less

The United States is home to two of the world’s largest exchanges by market. And it’s never been cheaper to invest in US stocks from Australia with $0 brokerage on US shares with CMC Markets Invest.

The New York Stock Exchange includes established names like J.P. Morgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway, Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola. They’re stable and consistent performers on the share market, but they don’t come with the growth potential of some NASDAQ-listed names.

You’ll find some of your favourite brands on the NASDAQ to invest in, including FAANG stocks. FAANG stocks are the five biggest companies in the world within the tech sector: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

Popular US stocks

Pay $0 brokerage on US, UK, Canadian and Japanese shares

Buy Aussie shares with $0 brokerage up to $1,000*

Access 15 international markets from one account.

*Limited to one buy order per stock per trading day

FX Spreads apply on international orders

Invest with ETFs and save

A global-themed exchange traded fund (ETF) is one way to invest in international shares while still trading on the ASX.

ETFs are an affordable way to diversify your portfolio because you can invest in a mix of international shares in the one trade and pay $0 brokerage on US, UK, Canadian and Japanese shares.

They spread your money across shares in a group of companies, assets, or industry sector, and then tracks its yield and return. They’re easy to work with—you can buy and sell ETFs during the trading hours of the exchange—and they can be specific to your investment style, risk tolerance and goals.

What to consider

Currency shifts

Currency fluctuations can increase your investment gains or compound losses depending on the situation. If you’re buying and selling US stocks for example, keep an eye on the Australian dollar and US dollar to ensure you’re not left surprised if either rises or falls.

Global events

Geo-political tensions, pandemics, elections and interest rate changes can influence stock markets around the world. For example, the S&P 500 has a history of not meeting its usual November highs in presidential election years.

The S&P 500 tracks the performance of the 500 (or so) largest companies in the US, making it a fairly reliable proxy for both the US stock market and the wider economy.

Track the known potential ups and downs with an economic calendar. It also helps to follow the forecasts of economic analysts and keep across global company earnings.

Market nuances

Understand the dynamics at play in the international markets you choose. Better understand company earnings and economic growth forecasts with Morningstar research available on the CMC Markets Invest platform, along with the latest market news and insights.

Familiarise yourself with the investing regulations of other countries such as tax and accounting rules for seamless share trading. For example, you’ll need to complete a W-8BEN form before you start trading US shares to ensure you can claim a reduction in the amount of US tax you’re charged on dividends.

How to buy international shares

You can buy and sell international shares through a stock exchange using a stockbroker or online trading platform. Compare your options by considering brokerage fees, which markets you’ll have access to, how long it takes to execute a trade, exchange rates and research tools available.

It’s easy to start investing in international shares with CMC Markets Invest—Australia’s Online Broker of the Year, 11 years in a row. Build a diverse portfolio with easy access to 15 international markets.

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