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Investment opportunity in Novogen

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Company Overview

Novogen is an Australian biotechnology company listed on both the Australian Securities Exchange (NRT) and NASDAQ (NVGN).

​Novogen owns two proprietary drug technology platforms that are first-in class and which the Company believes will be the foundation that will enable us to grow into a major global bio-pharmaceutical force.

  • One offering first drugs to kill cancer stem cells AND their daughter cells in order to prevent cancer relapse.
  • Second technology hitting entirely new cancer cell target.

The corporate goal is the development of a suite of drugs that will destroy tumours before they have a chance to recur and become un-treatable based on a combination of its two proprietary technology platforms:

  • Super-benzopyrans
  • Anti-tropomyosins

Reason for Capital Raising

The proceeds will be used for general working capital and to fund the company’s R&D programs. However, the primary use of the funds is to underwrite the transition of the Company’s lead product, Cantrixil into the clinic.

Details of Capital Raising

MAXIMUM AMOUNT:$10 million
NO. OF SHARES:up to 80 million new shares and 1 attached option per share
ISSUE PRICE:$0.11 per share
OFFER OPEN:Monday, 3 November 2014
OFFER CLOSE:3pm, Tuesday 11 November 2014
(Issuer reserves the right to close the offer earlier)
MINIMUM ALLOCATION:$5000 available for on market bidders
ACCESS:All brokers via ASX Bookbuild via ASX code NRTXBB
ISSUER WEBSITE:http://www.novogen.com/

CMC Markets Interview with Dr Graham Kelly

Investor Presentation

CMC Markets

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How to apply

Offer is open to Sophisticated investor clients only.​

To apply, return the completed ASX Bookbuild Agreement* Form along with sophisticated investor certification** to CMC Markets Invest:

​CMC Markets Invest
GPO Box 5351
Sydney NSW 2001
Email: ipo@cmcmarkets.com.au

Once this is in place, call our Dealing Desk on 1300 136 323 to secure your interest.

*only applicable if you have not previously participated in ASX BB.

** sophisticated investor certifications are valid for 6 months. This will not be required if it has previously been provided to CMC Markets and is still valid.



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Anyone who wants to acquire shares in Novogen will need to carefully consider the offer and complete the CMC Markets Bookbuild Agreement and Sophisticated Certification available from our website before placing a trade.

For more information on ASX Bookbuilds please visit the ASX fact sheet at: www.asx.com.au/documents/professionals/ASX_Bookbuild_Brochure.pdf

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