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When it comes to shares, one of the most important things is staying in control – even when you’re away from your trading screen. Explore some of Pro platform’s key trading tools. 

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Market depth

Our market depth tool is one of the most sophisticated in Australia and is included when you subscribe to dynamic data or live pricing.

It displays where your order stands in the queue, giving you the flexibility to amend your order and allows you to see the full market picture: every buyer, seller, share, order and price level. 

CMC Markets

Unlimited linked and conditional orders

Our free linked orders allow you to use stop loss and take profit orders to help improve your risk management by applying entry and exit strategies. And with unlimited conditional orders, including trailing stop loss and take profit, you can select the level that will trigger the purchase or sale of shares online allowing you to follow your trading and investment strategy even when you’re away from your desk. 

Four reasons to consider trading with linked orders

1. Risk management at the click of a button

With linked orders there are 2 order types you can apply to help manage your risk: stop loss orders and take profit orders.
These 2 order types can be attached to a buy order at the click of a button, so that when you buy shares you also set the conditions under which you want to sell the shares; a stop loss in case if the market moves against you, or a take profit to lock in your profits if the market moves in your favour.

2. Automatic triggers to save you time

With linked orders you can set up your entry and exit strategy and leave it to manage itself. When you choose to add a stop loss order and a take profit order to a buy order, they will act in parallel. In the event that one of these conditions triggers, then the other will be cancelled automatically.

3. Intelligent processing sequences

A linked order is intelligent. Where you set up a linked order to follow a sequence, each leg will only become active once the preceding leg has been completely filled. If the preceding leg is cancelled or purged (by you, by the ASX or because the expiry date has been reached) before being completely filled, then any subsequent legs will not activate. Now that’s smart.

4. All this at no extra cost

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay extra to be able to manage your risk. That’s why we don’t charge any additional fees for processing linked orders or conditional orders.

What’s the difference between our standard and pro platforms?

Multiple Layouts

Our range of platform trading tools include multiple layouts, which enable you to create and save up to five different trading layouts within the platform. This gives you a much larger trading dashboard and lets you use the space more efficiently.  Switch between layouts quickly and easily via the quick links in the top navigation toolbar. 

CMC Markets
CMC Markets

Module linking

Each of our Pro platform modules includes a small group of icons in the header. By marking multiple modules with the same colour, they will be linked, allowing you to update selected linked items quickly and easily.

For example if you were to link your quote module, depth module, Reuters news and chart to your watchlist, simply by clicking on a different stock code in the watchlist will update all of these modules automatically.

CMC Markets

Keep your finger on the pulse

Get all the news and analysis you need, when you want.  With integrated research from Reuters, Morningstar, theScreener and more, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with market movements. 

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