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Cryptocurrency index trading

CMC Markets

Trade CFDs on baskets of cryptocurrencies with our All Crypto Index, Major Crypto Index and Emerging Crypto Index. Our crypto indices offer a unique, cost-effective way to trade on the wider cryptocurrency market, without having to trade multiple, individual coins.

Our crypto indices

We have grouped different cryptocurrencies together in order to create three new crypto baskets, representing different aspects of the crypto sphere.

All Crypto Index

This index contains all the cryptocurrencies that we offer and aims to give a wider indication of how the cryptocurrency sector is performing overall.

Major Crypto Index

This crypto index tracks the performance of the largest, most liquid portion of the cryptocurrency market, and groups together the most recognised and established cryptocurrencies – bitcoin (XBT), ethereum (ETH), bitcoin cash (BCH) and litecoin (LTC).

Emerging Crypto Index

The emerging crypto index groups together seven less established ‘altcoins’ (alternative cryptocurrencies launched after the success of bitcoin). It is designed to allow you to take a view on the smaller cap cryptocurrencies. This index contains cardano (ADA), dash (DASH), EOS, monero (XMR), NEO, stellar lumens (XLM) and tron (TRX).

The benefits and risks of trading on crypto indices

There are several benefits to crypto basket trading, rather than multiple individual cryptocurrencies.

Firstly, it can be a more cost-effective way of trading on the cryptocurrencies, as it allows you to take a view on the sector as a whole without having to open a position on each individual coin. Trading on a crypto index can also help to spread some of your risk, as you aren’t being exposed to a single coin. 

Please be aware that cryptocurrency CFDs are high-risk speculative products. High volatility combined with leverage could lead to significant losses

How crypto indices work

Each crypto index is made up of a selection of cryptocurrencies, grouped together and weighted by market capitalisation (market cap). The market cap of a cryptocurrency is calculated by multiplying the number of units of a specific coin by its current market value against the US dollar. 

Cryptocurrency indices details

View the spreads, margin rates and trading hours for our cryptocurrency indices in the table below. For product trading hours, check the CMC Markets trading platform.

Instrument Margin rate from Minimum spread from Trading hours
All Crypto Index 50% 80 8am Monday - 6am Saturday
Major Crypto Index 50% 80 8am Monday - 6am Saturday
Emerging Crypto Index 50% 60 8am Monday - 6am Saturday

How our crypto indices are weighted

We have aimed to provide a diverse, balanced view of the cryptocurrency market’s performance. This means for the Major Crypto Index, we have established a cap so that no single cryptocurrency can constitute a weighting of greater than 40% of the index. While no individual constituent currently makes up more than 40% of the Emerging Crypto Index, we may establish a cap of 40% for this index should it become necessary at a future date. Finally, the All Crypto Index gives 60% of the total weighting to the major cryptocurrencies, and 40% of the total to the emerging cryptocurrencies. Each individual cryptocurrency is then weighted equally within that banding. ​The weightings of any uncapped component that then fall below a 5% floor will be increased to that value taking proportional market capitalization from any uncapped index component.

We monitor our crypto indices to see whether any adjustments need to be made to constituent weightings. We will also monitor closely for any hard or soft forks which may mean adjustments to the constituent cryptocurrencies are necessary. In the event that such adjustments are made, we will also change the index divisor to ensure that there is no resulting impact on the index prices.

All Crypto Index weightings

Component No of units1 Weighting2 (%)
Bitcoin 262 15.00%
Ethereum 3,537 15.00%
Bitcoin Cash 19,594 15.00%
Litecoin 67,785 15.00%
EOS 961,177 5.71%
Stellar Lumens 14,527,737 5.71%
Cardano 1,972,754 5.71%
TRON 41,480,967 5.71%
Monero 18,091 5.71%
Dash 23,114 5.71%
NEO 95,272 5.71%

1All Crypto Index divisor: 4,515.88732571423. Index created at a base level of 2,000 as of 31 December 2018. Initial target index value = $10 million.
2As of review date, 18 September 2021.
All Crypto Index methodology [pdf]

Major Crypto Index weightings

Component No. of units1 Weighting​2 (%)
 Bitcoin 913 36.79%
Ethereum 13,383 40.00%
Bitcoin Cash 20,811 11.23%
Litecoin 76,849 11.98%

1Major Crypto Index divisor: 3,116.71562904179. Index created at a base level of 3,000 as of 31 December 2018. Initial target index value = $10 million. 
2As of review date, 17 September 2021.
Major and Emerging Crypto Index methodology [pdf]

Emerging Crypto Index weightings

Component No.of units1 Weighting​2 (%)
EOS 1,788,406 9.42%
Stellar Lumens 37,659,697 13.12%
Cardano 15,594,102 40.00%
TRON 131,035,110 15.98%
Monero 32,845 9.19%
Dash 25,121 5.50%
NEO 127,940 6.80%

1Emerging Crypto Index divisor: 10,422.20748378160. Index created at a base level of 1,000 as of 31 December 2018. Initial target index value = $10 million.
2As of review date, 17 September 2021.
Major and Emerging Crypto Index methodology [pdf]

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