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Shares and warrants

Australia’s lowest online brokerage rate applies to the following products traded on the ASX: equities, warrants, interest rate securities and listed managed investments.

Trades per monthBrokerage (including GST)^
OnlineLess than 11 trades$11 or 0.10%, whichever is the greater

11 - 30 trades
$9.90 or 0.08%, whichever greater

More than 30 tradesAll trades are $9.90 or 0.075%, whichever greater

Take full advantage of our brokerage rates with the Frequent Trader Program. With every tier of our program you're eligible for lower brokerage rates, additional platform features and complimentary trading resources. 

Australian Stock
Exchange (ASX)

Trade valueBrokerage (including GST)^
Telephone ordersUp to $20,000$59.95

$20,001 - $37,500$82.50

Over $37,5000.22%

Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX)
previously APX

Trade valueBrokerage (including GST)^
Telephone ordersUp to $20,000$66.00

$20,001 - $37,500$90.75

Over $37,5000.22%

For information on employee share plans, estate sales and more please read our Financial Services Guide.

What’s the difference between our standard and pro platforms?

Competitive pricing when you trade with us

Our Frequent Trader Program ensures that you pay less in brokerage the more you trade. See how you can save when you switch to CMC Markets Stockbroking.

Comparison data is provided by CANSTAR and updated daily. Brokerage cost per trade is based on trading Australian shares 11 times per month, and this is the cost for the 11th and subsequent trades within the same month.


You can trade Exchange Traded Options (ETOs) on our fully integrated platform. Both Stockbroking platforms provide you with the tools you need to execute on your options Strategy. Our Pro platform boasts a professional interface, and is a powerful tool to boost efficiency for active traders.

To open a CMC Markets Stockbroking Account, please complete and return a signed original application form.

MethodTrade valueBrokerage (including GST)^
Phone only$0 – $8,000 
Over $8,000
$44.00 + clearing house fee
0.55% + clearing house fee
Online platform$0 - $10,000
Over $10,000

International shares

It’s never been more convenient to invest in well known global brands on eleven international markets including US, Canada, Japan, Singapore and more. Trade online with your existing account either on the standard or Pro stockbroking platforms, and our mobile apps.

To learn more about the changes, new features and benefits read our FAQs. Plus, familiarise yourself with this new product using our helpful standard platform guide.

For US and Canadian listed products oline orders

Value Of Shares (AUD)  
  Brokerage fee/rate (AUD)
Over $10,000

Online orders for listed products outside Australia, US and Canada

Value Of Shares (AUD)  
  Brokerage fee/rate (AUD)
$59.95 or 0.59%

*Brokerage is the greater of the dollar value or the percentage amount shown

What’s the difference between our standard and pro platforms?

mFunds pricing

CMC Markets Stockbroking charges a brokerage fee on mFund transactions. Our current fees are $29.95 or 0.11%, whichever is greater.


Clients can also choose to access different stockbroking platforms for an additional monthly cost.

Cost (per month)Cost waived if
Pro$49Active Investor or Premium Trader tier receive 3 months complimentary access
webIRESS platform$126.50 - $159.50N/A

CMC Markets cash account interest rates

With CMC Markets Cash Account you can easily access your individually-held electronic funds whilst trading and still earn competitive interest on funds at call. Setup with your stockbroking account, you can easily transfer funds to and from your CMC Markets Cash Account when you link your everyday bank account to it.

CMC Markets Stockbroking will charge an Broker Service Fee (BSF) of 1% per annum however there are no fees charged by BankWest for this account. Interest rates shown are net of the 1% p.a. BSF. 

These interest rates apply to accounts opened after 1 July 2014. For accounts opened prior to 1 July 2014 please refer to your bank statement for interest rates.

Net interest rate (p.a)On balance of
$0 to $9,999
$10,000 to $19,999
$20,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $199,999
$200,000 to $499,999
$500,000 and above

More on CMC Markets Cash Account  

Sell only service

Have some shares you want to sell but don’t have a stockbroking account?

Our one-off sale service is a quick and easy way to sell issuer-sponsored shares, with no need to open a trading account. It could be the perfect solution if you’ve received shares in a privatisation, demutualisation, or as part of a salary package.

One off sales service fees

Value of sharesFee or charge (including GST)
$0 - $75,000$82.50
Over $75,0000.22%

More on sell only service

Additional services and costs

There are some additional costs for specialised services.

ServiceFee or charge (including GST)
Email alert$0.11
SMS alert$0.22
Messages on our websiteFree
Dynamic Data package$41.25 a month.
No charge if you do more than 30 trades in the month. Complimentary access for Premium Trader Tier.
Live Data package$10 a month.
No charge if you do more than 10 trades in the month. Complimentary access for Active Investor Tier.
Telegraphic transfer
(to overseas bank account)
Bank cheque$20.00
Dishonoured cheque$30.00
Foreign currency bank draft$35.00
Fail$55.00 + ASX fee
Off market transfer$55.00
Deceased estates share transfer$55.00
Change of trustee$110.00
Scrip borrowing$38.50
SRN12a$22.00 (minimum)*
Replacement CHESS statement$22.00

For more information on additional services and costs please read our Financial Services Guide.

† Rates as at 1 October 2013
To gain access to some advanced features such as live and dynamic data and Sharesight integration, you will need to opt in firstly via the standard stockbroking platform.
*minimum fee, CMC Markets will charge more for this fee where the fee charged to us by the registry exceeds this amount ​

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