Spread betting platform

Our unique desktop platform and mobile app are designed to provide you with an award-winning spread betting experience*.

  • Advanced charting
     & trading tools
  • Intuitive desktop
  • Dedicated spread
     betting mobile app

Industry-leading charts

Our charting package comes with over 100 built-in technical indicators, chart types and drawing tools. Add features like pattern recognition and comparison charts, and you get everything you need to analyse price action and conduct detailed technical analysis. No wonder our platform features were ranked highest in the 2019 Investment Trends survey*.

CMC Markets
CMC Markets

Client sentiment analysis

Our client sentiment tool reveals how many of our clients are long or short on an instrument, in almost real time. Updated every minute, the client sentiment feature helps you gain an understanding of other clients' expectations as they change throughout the day.  You can also see the monetary value of the positions as a percentage, and filter according to ‘all clients’ or only ‘top clients’ who have made an overall profit^ over the last three months. 

Order types & execution

Our Next Generation platform provides automated execution and a range of flexible and easy-to-use order types and features, so you can better manage your trade entry, exit and risk. Our comprehensive range of tools includes guaranteed stop-loss orders, trailing stops, boundary orders and other advanced features like the price ladder.
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Advanced order options

CMC Markets

Trade directly from charts

For a more hands-on, intuitive way to spread bet, you can place and close trades, or edit stop-loss and take-profit levels directly on an instrument’s chart. The straightforward drag-and-drop functionality allows you to quickly adjust trade entry and risk management levels on the chart, while referring to historical price action to identify significant price levels.

Award-winning platform & apps

Open a spread betting account on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or desktop computer to start trading on our award-winning platform and apps now*.

Winner 2019

Best Phone & Email Customer Service

Investment Trends UK Leverage Trading Report

Winner 2019

Best Platform Features

Investment Trends UK Leverage Trading Report

Winner 2019

Best Mobile/Tablet App

Investment Trends UK Leverage Trading Report

Winner 2018

Best Spread Betting Service

Shares Awards and UK Forex Awards

*Awarded Best Platform Features, Best Mobile Phone/Tablet App, ranked highest for Charting and Spreads, based on highest user satisfaction among spread betters, CFD and FX traders, Investment Trends 2018 UK Leverage ​
^Overall profit takes into account spreads and commissions. 'Top Clients' refers to overall account performance and is not specific to performance in that particular CMC Markets product.​