Spread bets and CFDs are high-risk leveraged products and losses can exceed your deposits.

CMC Markets Professional account

The information on CMC Pro is intended for professional clients only.

Spread bets and CFDs are high-risk leveraged products. As a professional client, losses can exceed your deposits and retail client protections do not apply.


Eligibility criteria

  1. Have you placed 10 relevant trades of a significant size per quarter in the last year?

  2. Does your financial instrument portfolio exceed €500,000?

  3. Do you, or have you, worked in the financial sector for at least one year?


What is a professional client?

A professional client is deemed capable of making his or her own investment decisions, and understanding the risks involved, with greater autonomy than retail clients. A professional client has waived some FCA protections afforded to retail clients, such as negative balance protection and restrictions on high-risk products.

Do CMC Pro clients get the same protections as retail clients?

No, professional clients will not get the same protections afforded to retail clients when using CMC Pro.

Risk warnings: CMC Markets will not be required to provide you with the current risk warnings we must provide to retail clients or any standardised risk warning that is introduced in future in relation to transactions in complex financial products.

Communications and financial promotions: Certain FCA (or equivalent) rules relating to the form and content of information provided by CMC Markets do not apply, including those relating to communications and financial promotions.

Negative balance protection: Retail clients benefit from negative balance protection, meaning that their losses cannot exceed deposits. This functionality is not available to professional clients.

Leverage restrictions: CMC Markets is required to restrict leverage to between 30:1 and 2:1 on the products we offer to retail clients. Higher leverage can work against investors and amplify losses.

Financial Ombudsman Service (or equivalent): Access to the Financial Ombudsman Service (the “FOS”) will not extend to all professional clients (only those that meet the FCA Handbook definition of a consumer) and may therefore not extend to you. The FOS is an independent service for settling disputes between FCA regulated firms and eligible complainants. If you are not sure whether you will be entitled to refer your complaint to FOS, we suggest you contact FOS directly.

What if I am not eligible for a CMC Pro account?

If you’re not eligible for CMC Pro, you can still trade thousands of financial markets on our award-winning platform, using a standard CMC Markets account.
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What protections are available to CMC Pro clients?

As with a standard account, we will hold and maintain an amount equal to your account value in a segregated client money bank account. You are also eligible for Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection on up to £85,000 that you hold with us.

As an individual, you are able to use the Financial Ombudsman Service if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of a complaint to us. You also have the right to request a different categorisation at any time, for example if you want a higher level of regulatory protection.