Advanced demo features

Our Next Generation platform offers the latest in online and mobile trading software based on more than two decades of industry experience. Explore our advanced trading features to get the most out of your demo account.

Price projection

Our charting package comes with a manual pattern recognition tool that lets you search for common technical patterns on any open chart and any time interval, while providing price projection targets.

Tip: open 'pattern recognition' under the 'trading tools' menu

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Pattern recognition

You can set up the pattern recognition scanner to automatically alert you to the emergence of popular chart patterns such as triangles, wedges and channels. The pattern recognition scanner updates approximately every 15 minutes to highlight potential emerging and completed technical trade set-ups across over 120 of our most popular instruments.

Tip: open 'pattern recognition' under the 'trading tools' menu.

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Module linking

The majority of modules within Next Generation can be linked together to make navigating the web platform's features easier and more efficient. When two or more modules are linked together, changing the product in one will automatically update to show the same product in the other(s).

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Price depth ladder

Our price depth ladder technology allows you to enter trades far greater than the normal market size in just one transaction. When trading in the largest sizes, we guarantee the same 100% execution as smaller transactions but with only a slight increase in the spread.

Tip: when you enter an order quantity of a larger size, the price depth ladder will automatically activate. There are up to ten levels of depth per product up to our maximum trade size, which will often be greater than what is offered by other providers.

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