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What is the Australian Retail OTC Derivative Association?

The Australian Retail OTC Derivative Association (ARODA) is an industry body co-founded by CMC Markets in 2012 to help raise industry standards. It sought to provide protection against one of the biggest issues facing CFD and FX traders in Australia: ensuring their money was safe and held in segregated Australian bank accounts, and not used for hedging or other operational purposes.

CMC Markets
CMC Markets

Our role as co-founder

CMC Markets co-authored the Association’s Best Practice Standards and we continue to consult with ASIC and the government to drive a high standard of industry regulation. 

The Association has come a long way since our first conversations with ASIC in 2012. Today, its members represent over 60% of the industry by market share, working closely to enhance transparency and investor confidence.

Together we continue to protect and educate investors and encourage all CFD providers to join the Association and commit to its 16 Standards.

Association objectives

The Australian Retail OTC Derivative Association is continually raising industry standards through its objectives to: 

  • Develop and implement standards to enhance the efficient operation, transparency and overall investor confidence in CFDs and the CFD industry.
  • Encourage the highest standards of ethics, integrity, financial disclosure and business dealing among members.
  • Advance the protection of Client Money for consumer confidence in CFDs.
  • Promote the best interests of Members to regulators, investors, government, media and other key stakeholders.
  • Lobby relevant legislative bodies and regulators to further the Association’s objectives.
  • Build consensus on how to approach issues, sustainability and future growth of the Association and wider CFD industry.
  • Increase skills and knowledge of CFD industry Members and the wider community through quality education.
  • Assist and support Members to help them to achieve and/or comply with the Association’s objectives.

Association members

CMC Markets is one of five members in the Australian Retail OTC Derivative Association who have agreed to its 16 Standards. 

Membership is always encouraged. Regardless of business model or size, we are keen to grow membership and establish the Association’s standards, so the industry can raise its benchmarks, self-regulate and increase investor confidence with full segregation of client money.

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