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International investing

With CMC Markets Invest you have direct access to the global markets through a variety of investment products available on our share trading platforms. Capitalise on opportunities from all over the world, with access to international shares, SSX-listed securities, ETFs and more to develop a truly diversified investment portfolio.

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What is international investing?

International investing is a strategy that involves investing in international instruments such as Exchange-Traded Funds, American Depository Receipts, mutual funds, currency exchange rates or even emerging markets and foreign equity markets.

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US Extended Trading HoursTrade the US Market before open and after close, in addition to normal hours.* *There may be higher volatility and lower liquidity during extended trading hours.

Why trade internationally?

Having the ability to trade internationally opens up a world of investment opportunities that may be far more diverse and abundant than those in your local market. Globalisation has opened up international markets, meaning that it's now possible to trade on instruments in regions and economies that may be outperforming local instruments due to factors like a weakening stock market or national downturn. Diversify your portfolio and access industry sectors not available on the ASX.

International shares trading

It’s never been more convenient to invest in well known global brands like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and more. Easily trade on fifteen international markets, including; US, Canada, and Singapore with more exchanges rolling out over the coming months. Trade online with your existing account either on the standard or Pro share trading platforms, and our mobile apps. To learn more about the changes, new features and benefits read our FAQs. Plus, familiarise yourself with this new product using our helpful standard platform guide.

International investing with CMC Markets

With a CMC Markets Invest account you get access to both domestic and international markets. You can invest internationally through a variety of investment options, including:

SSX-listed securities

With the ability to trade the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) – previously APX – you’ll have access to investment opportunities in growth-orientated companies across Australian and Asian equity markets.


mFunds provide access to unlisted managed funds that incorporate different asset classes and market sectors without the wrap platform costs and associated paperwork. Mfunds are also a great way to diversify your portfolio in the international market. Learn more about trading international shares here.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

Access the global market and achieve diversification with exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETFs can provide you with exposure to all the companies within a specific index in one transaction, allowing you to track companies within a certain sector or country. ETFs can be easily traded, much like shares, and are generally considered to be low-cost funds when compared to other unlisted managed funds. Learn more.

Listed investment companies

Listed investment companies (LICs) are an alternative to mFunds, managed funds and ETFs, but still provide investors with access to both Australian and international assets. Learn more.


With contracts for difference (CFDs) you can access international markets by trading on price movements of products such as shares, indices, commodities, currency exchange rates and treasuries across a range of global markets. Learn more.

What's the difference between CFD and share trading?
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