Easily monitor the stocks you’re most interested and keep track of the daily market movements using the watchlists functionality in our Pro platform.


The watchlists functionality in the CMC Markets stockbroking Pro platform will help you to easily monitor the stocks you’re most interested in. Your watchlist can help you track the daily market movements of your chosen stocks as part of your trading strategy and research.

To get started, click on the ‘Watchlists’ menu in the navigation toolbar. Here you can choose to open an existing watchlist such as ‘Banking stocks’, or you can create your own new watchlist

Creating a new watchlist is easy. Click on the ‘New Watchlist’ option from the watchlist menu.

To add products into your watchlist, simply drag and drop any product from the product library to the new watchlist. You can add both domestic and international stocks to the same watchlist.

You can also use the product context menu next to any product, to create a new watchlist. From the context menu you can also select a pre-existing watchlist to add the product.

Once you’ve added the products you want in your new watchlist, you can give the watchlist a relevant name. Select the watchlist’s settings menu on the top-left corner of your watchlist module, and type in the new name in the field available here.

Your new watchlist has now been created and saved under the watchlists menu, so you can easily access it whenever you want to view the performance of these products.

You have the flexibility to add more products to your watchlist whenever you want, up to a maximum of 200 products in a single watchlist.

Customise your watchlist using the ‘Table Settings’ in the watchlist’s menu. This allows you to select and add additional data columns into the watchlist, based on what you need to see.

By adding columns like ‘Bid’ and ‘Offer’, you can proceed to place an order right from your watchlist. You can monitor the daily trade volumes, and place a trade based on market movements from here. Your watchlist can also be used to monitor your daily profit and loss by adding options like ’Day Gain’, and ‘Profit %’ to the watchlist view.

You can also stay on top of latest updates on the product using theScreener star rating for the product to understand the stock’s risk profile or access the latest news and alerts for the product, from here.

View the relevant FX rates for international shares which will give you an indication on estimated prices before placing a trade on the product.

When you have multiple watchlists open, you can make each of them distinct by setting different colours to each watchlist. Go to the settings menu and click on any colours to set one for the watchlist.

You can also easily switch between different watchlists, by selecting the down arrow next to the watchlist title, and choose the watchlist you want to view.

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