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Tax & Portfolio reporting

We have partnered with Sharesight™ to enable portfolio tracking and tax reporting that is fully integrated into the CMC Markets Invest platforms.


Trades executed through CMC Markets Invest flow instantly into Sharesight, and corporate actions such as share splits and dividends are automatically incorporated as well. Sharesight lets you track your shareholdings, run tax reports, rank your shares by performance, and much more.

Premium Trader clients who make more than 30 trades per month get a complimentary upgraded Sharesight Investor plan to track unlimited holdings. All other CMC Markets Invest clients can track 10 holdings or fewer for free (but can upgrade their Sharesight plan any time).

The Sharesight Investor plan also includes portfolio sharing, Xero Integration, benchmarking and premium reporting for diversity, future income and unrealised CGT modeling.

To access Sharesight from the Pro platform simply select 'Tax & Portfolio Reporting' from the 'Account' drop down menu. ​

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*Note: To gain access to Sharesight, you will need to opt-in via the CMC Markets Invest login area.

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End of financial year reporting

While Sharesight’s performance reports provide insights throughout the year, the Taxable Income, Capital Gains (CGT) and Historical Cost reports are useful to any self-directed investors come the end of financial year.

See how Sharesight reporting can help you this end of financial year.

Taxable income report

The taxable income report lists separately all dividend payments and interest payments received within the selected time period. The report is designed to provide the information relating to your portfolio that you are required to include in your tax return to the ATO. Separate tables are provided for Australian taxable income and overseas taxable income.

The time period selector, at the top of the report, allows you to choose the period in which you would like to run the taxable income report. By default the current tax year is displayed.

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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) report

The Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Report calculates capital gains made on shares as per Australian Tax Office rules. The report is based on the ‘discount method’ for shares that were held for more than 1 year and the ‘other method’ for shares held for less than one year. The discount rate used can be set via the settings tab for each portfolio (the default rate is 50%).

View Sharesight's CGT report for more information on running the CGT report, carry-forward losses and sale allocation methods. 

Historical Cost report

The Historical Cost report shows opening and closing balances at cost price. This report is designed for people holding shares under a company or family trust that are required to prepare annual accounts each year. The report also includes a ‘market value’ column to allow a quick comparison between cost price and market value at the end of the chosen period.

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