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theScreener Four Star Rating

theScreener processes data of equities across the world, checking the research of thousands of analysts and comparing their views to historic data, charts, risk profiles and much more - to give you an easy to understand four star rating. theScreener's four star rating reflects the upside potential of an equity and a risk rating that gives a view on the current expectations of risk.

Star rating

The 'Four Stars' stand for the objective evaluation of a stock, based on four relevant views:

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Risk rating

Complementing the upside star ranking is the 'Risk Evaluation', taking into account both the historical bear market and bad news behaviour.

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The Star-Risk Map

The Star-Risk Map shows a possible reading theScreener's ratings. Depending on your experience, risk appetite and market view, you can develope your own way of reading our ratings.

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Disclaimer: Each investment is a personal decision and all investments contain risks. theScreener does not know your personal situation and cannot assess what investments might be suitable to you. theScreener's evaluations and ratings are therefore no advice to buy or sell any securities. The four star and risk rating is based on data obtained in the past. Please note that the future behaviour of securities can differ significantly and abruptly from the behaviour in the past. Even a low risk rated equity remains an equity, hence an investment that contains the risk of a significant or even total loss of the invested money.

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