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Intermediary client stockbroking account forms

Cash-funded account application forms

You can now submit client applications online through the stockbroking platform. To submit an online application, simply, navigate to the ‘Adviser’ tab on the platform and select ‘Apply Online’. Alternatively, you can still complete one of the below forms.

You will also be required to complete a cash account application form, see cash account section below.

Individual or Joint Stockbroking Account Application Form
Are you a private individual? Use this form if you want to open a standard stockbroking account in one or more names.

Company Stockbroking Account Application Form
Do you represent an incorporated business as, for example, a director? This form is to open a company account for incorporated businesses.

Trust Account Application Form
Do you need an account for a trust established as a legal entity under a formal agreement, such as a family trust? This is the account to use.

Margin lending linked account application forms

Do you want to gear your investments using a margin loan? You can link this stockbroking account to your existing margin loan provider (such as ANZ Margin Lending, Leveraged or St.George).*

To open an account that is linked to a margin loan, please select from one of the following three account application forms, depending on whether your account will be in individual/joint names, in a company name or for a trust.

Margin Lending Linked Account Individual Joint Form
If you are opening an account in individual or joint names.

Margin Lending Linked Account Company Form
If you are opening an account for a company.

Margin Lending Linked Account Trust Form
If you are opening an account for a trust.

*CMC Markets Stockbroking is not licensed to provide you with margin lending related services or advice. We may receive commission for referring margin lending customers to a particular margin lender. CMC Markets Stockbroking may be entitled to an interest rate rebate of up to 1.00% of the referred customer’s margin loan from the relevant margin lender.


Options Account Application Form
If you’d also like to trade options, you need to include this form with your Stockbroking Account application form.

New legislation: Design and distribution obligations (DDO)

Legislation has been introduced relating to the design and distribution of a wide range of financial products, including Exchange Traded Options (“ETOs”). The legislation aims to ensure that financial products are issued and distributed to an appropriate audience.

Key points:

We may only issue and distribute ETOs to you if we have taken reasonable steps to ensure that you are likely to fall within our target market.

As set out more fully in our Target Market Determination for ETOs, available here (“TMD”), we consider that the target market for ETOs includes a retail client (“Client”) who fit into one (or more) of the following categories:

  • High Risk Tolerance Investors – Clients who have a higher risk appetite, relatively high and stable income, substantial spare capital, are able to withstand material losses and seek to make a profit trading ETOs;
  • Risk Mitigation Investors – Clients seeking to hedge potential risk from existing or forthcoming investments or exposures, or lock in a price to purchase or sell underlying investments; or
  • Premium Generation Investors – Clients seeking to earn income by selling options covered by holdings or underlying investments.

What if I want more information?

Customers can review ASIC’s regulatory guide on the product design and distribution obligations directly on ASIC’s webpage here:

Add-ons for your account

Change of Directors/Ultimate Beneficial Owners/Controller form
Use this form to change director(s), ultimate beneficial owner(s) or controller.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner/Controller/Appointer/Settlor/Beneficiary form

Change of name/designation form

Cash Account Forms

You will need a cash account, held with ANZ or Macquarie to go with your stockbroking account.


To open a stockbroking account linked to an ANZ account, please apply online via the stockbroking platform.

Macquarie Bank

For a Macquarie Account, please complete the online application found on the link below
Cash Account Application Form - Macquarie CMA

Please ensure you provide CMC Markets Stockbroking (Dealer code 2384) with general Withdrawal Authority when completing the online application.

If you have an existing Macquarie cash account, please complete the Third Party Authority form.
Third Party Authority form - Macquarie CMA

CHESS Sponsorship agreement Form
Use this form if your trading account with us isn’t CHESS sponsored and you want to trade online with us. Take a look at the Terms and Conditions.

Warrant Client Agreement Form
To trade warrants, first read Understanding Warrants Trading from the ASX, and then fill in our Warrants Agreement Form.

Partly Paid Security Client Agreement Form
Use this form if you want to buy partly paid securities.

Authorised Agent (Authorised Person) Form
Use this form if you’d like to give someone else authority to act on your account.

Direct Credit Authority Form
Make easy funds transfers between an external bank account and your CMC Markets Cash Account held with Bankwest.

ASX BookBuild Form

One-off instructions

System Access Form
This form is for new advisers/users prior to gaining access to CMC Markets Stockbroking Systems

Estate sale - From the 23rd of September 2020, we will no longer be offering a one-off Estate Sale service.

Transfer CHESS Holdings Form
Use this form to transfer some or all of your holdings sponsored by another broker to your account.

CHESS Sponsored Client Off Market Transfer Form
Use this form to transfer shares off-market.

Issuer holdings to CHESS conversion Form
Use this form to transfer Issuer sponsored holding to your CHESS sponsored account

Direct debit credit request Form
Use this form to authorise direct debit access to your nominated account for settlement purposes

Electronic Confirmation Authority Form
Nominate up to two email addresses where you can have your trading confirmations sent electronically instead of having them posted.

International Forms

International Broker to Broker Form
If you have an International stock holding with another broker and would like to transfer it to CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited

W-8BEN Form (Individuals)
Please fill this Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals) form if you are an individual and would like to trade in US exchanges

W-8BEN Form (Entity)
Please fill this Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Entities) form if you are an entity and would like to trade in US exchanges

W9 Form (US persons)
Please fill this form if you are a US citizen

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