US election 2020: Biden vs Trump

Can Trump win a second term or is Biden the future? Stay ahead of the US election and prepare for potential spread betting and CFD trading opportunities with CMC's in-depth analysis.

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Whoever wins, make sure you’re prepared

Top tips for trading the US election

Set price alerts to stay on top of significant market movements around the US election

React to every opportunity as news breaks, even when underlying markets are shut

Spread bet or trade CFDs on key markets to hedge your portfolio

Stay in control with guaranteed stops to cap your maximum risk

Make moves on the go: trade from anywhere with our advanced mobile app

Markets that matter

The US election is set to have a huge impact. You can trade over 9,300 instruments with CMC Markets; what effect will the election result have on the markets you trade?


The five largest tech companies account for 20% of the US market value. How will US indices like the US 30 and US SPX 500 react to each candidate’s financial policies?


How will healthcare and pharma shares respond to the election result? With the Democrats’ and Republicans’ differing approaches, the US election result will have a profound impact on shares in many key sectors.


Will the USD finish stronger or weaker by end of 2020? No matter which side you’re on, Fed policy, social unrest, and political turnover are poised to play key roles in the value of the US dollar after the US election.


Uncertainty surrounding the election and the pandemic has pushed gold higher. Will it continue to hit record highs and what could each victory mean for commodities trading?

Markets to watch during the 2020 US election

How will the markets react on Tuesday 3 November?

How will you play the US stock markets post-election?

Taking a walk through history can help investors decide which way to play in the wake of a US presidential election.

US election

When is the US election? Key dates in the US presidential election


First debate


Vice-presidential debate


Second debate


Final debate


Election day

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