MT4 indicators and add-ons

Enhance your trading experience on the MetaTrader 4 platform with key insights from a large range of free indicators and add-ons.

Choose from 12 add-ons including mini terminal and sentiment trader, and 15 indicators such as pivot points and renko charts.

Download and install our MT4 indicators and add-ons below, and follow the installer instructions.

Download MT4 indicators

MT4 add-ons

Learn more about some of our main MT4 trading add-ons.

Mini terminal

Mini terminal - MT4 add-on
  • Place pending orders and modify them directly from a chart, including smart lines for trend line stop-losses and take-profits
  • Access one-cancels-the-other (OCO) orders and enhanced order ticket functionality, with templates to quickly create orders with predefined target levels
  • Undock charts to create a floating window on your desktop
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Trade terminal

Trade terminal - MT4 add-on
  • Access quote panels with enhanced order ticket functionality
  • Set up alerts based on your account activity
  • Add additional position-closing options such as automated and bulk closing
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Sentiment trader

Sentiment trader - MT4 add-on
  • View other traders’ sentiment with live and historical data, and compare against price movements
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Correlation matrix

Correlation matrix - MT4 add-on
  • Create a grid of instruments of your choice and easily view correlations between them to help control your exposure
  • Customise your desired time range and timeframe for measuring correlations
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Tick chart trader

Tick chart trader - MT4 add-on
  • View bid and ask prices on a chart with every tick
  • Place ultra-fast trades with one click, using the speed-optimised order ticket and keyboard shortcuts for entry and exit
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Market manager

Market manager - MT4 add-on
  • Keep track of instruments you follow, filter by instruments with orders and quickly access sentiment on an instrument
  • View a snapshot of your account information
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Connect - MT4 add-on
  • Stay informed with breaking updates through our in-platform RSS newsfeeds
  • See the events which could impact the markets with our market calendar
  • Learn more about our range of MT4 add-ons

MT4 indicators

Find out about our main MT4 indicators below.

Order history

Order history - MT4 indicator
  • Display trade entry and exit points on your charts
  • Show stop-loss and take-profit orders
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Pivot points

Pivot points - MT4 indicator


Renko - MT4 indicator
  • Overlay Renko blocks on normal time-based charts
  • Create traditional non-time based Renko charts
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Donchian channel

Donchian channel - MT4 indicator

Keltner channel

Keltner channel - MT4 indicator
  • Add bands to measure volatility while identifying extremes in price movement
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Candle countdown

Candle countdown - MT4 indicator

Symbol info

Symbol info - MT4 indicator
  • See an overview of buy and sell signals from a series of indicators and range of timeframes
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Additional MT4 add-ons

There are also a number of additional MT4 indicators and add-ons you’re able to use. Find out more below.

Alarm manager

Alarm manager - MT4 add-on
  • Set alerts to keep up-to-date with price movements, account and trade activity, economic events and technical indicators
  • Receive alerts via email, SMS, Twitter and in-platform
  • Perform automatic trading, based on alerts
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Correlation trader

Correlation trader - MT4 add-on
  • Easily view the correlation between two instruments and place trades directly within the tool
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Excel RTD plugin

Excel RTD plugin - MT4 add-on
  • Pull real-time data account and price data into excel from MT4
  • Use VBA programming to send trading commands to your MT4 terminal
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Session map

Session map - MT4 add-on
  • Shows the trading sessions of the major global regions with indicators of upcoming economic events
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Stealth orders

Stealth orders - MT4 add-on

Additional MT4 indicators

Bar changer

Bar changer - MT4 indicator

Chart groups

Chart groups - MT4 indicator
  • Link charts so that changing the symbol in one changes the symbol in other linked charts
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Chart-in-chart - MT4 indicator
  • Put the price action from another symbol into a chart directly to perform a candle-by-candle comparison of two symbols
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Freehand drawing

Freehand drawing - MT4 indicator


Gravity - MT4 indicator


High-low - MT4 indicator


Magnifier - MT4 indicator
  • The magnifier lets you highlight an area of chart data and view a lower interval within the area to see more detail in the price action
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Mini chart

Mini chart - MT4 indicator

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