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How can I withdraw funds from my account?

You can withdraw funds from your account online by clicking on the 'Payments' icon and then selecting the 'Withdrawals' tab. Alternatively, you can use chat (Live help) or call our Client Management team for assistance. Please be aware that for your protection, we may request additional information and/or proof of identity before processing the withdrawal request. We do not transfer funds to a third-party account so please ensure that the bank account is in your name.

Withdrawal method Charges Timeframe Method
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)* Nil 1-2 business days Please fill out our EFT form and send it back to us
Phone: 1866 884 2608 option 3
Email: clientmanagement@cmcmarkets.ca
Wire Transfer $10** 1-2 business days Phone:1 866 884 2608 option 3
Email: clientmanagement@cmcmarkets.ca

*You must have EFT set up in your account before this feature can be utilized. Requests received before 11am (EST) may be processed same-day.
**Your bank may charge you for receiving wire transfers. Please speak with your bank about this.


  •  - If your bank details are on file, we will process this request the same day, before our cut-off time of 11 am (EST).
  •  - If the currency of the funds being sent does not match the currency of the receiving bank account, you will be charged your bank’s conversion rate.

In order to link your bank account as a withdrawal destination, please email clientmanagement@cmcmarkets.ca with a completed Electronic Funds Transfer form and a proof of bank account. This could be a copy of a recent bank statement, a void cheque, or a Direct Deposit form. Please ensure that the information that you include in the Electronic Funds Transfer form matches the proof of bank account that you provide. Also note that the bank account number must be at least a 7 digit number and the transit number, a 5 digit number. If you do not see this on your bank document, kindly contact your bank to obtain the missing digits. For security and verification purposes, please email the bank statement from the email address registered on your account. Your registered email address is the email address you use to login to the platform.

Why do I need to set up bank details?

You only need to set up bank details if you intend to transfer funds to your bank account. Once these details have been verified, your bank account will be registered and visible as a withdrawal destination on your payments menu. As we are not permitted to make any third-party payments to clients, we may ask that you provide us with some form of documentation to ensure ownership of the bank account you wish to register matches the records held on our database.

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