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CFD margins

View the margin rates across some of our most popular CFD trading instruments.

New to CFD trading? Learn how to calculate CFD margins.

CFD margin rates

See the current margin rates** for our most popular forex pairs, indices, commodities and treasuries.


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Our margins on shares start from 15% on Canadian shares and 30% on US shares. For more information, view our shares product details.

Different margin rates apply for large position sizes on shares, depending on which tier the position size falls under. You can view full details of our margin rates in the product library section of our trading platform. Learn how to calculate margins.

View our spreads and other trading costs​ associated with CFD trading.

CFD trading using margin

CFD trading using margin allows you to open a position by only depositing a percentage of the full value of the position. This means that your losses will be amplified and you could lose more than your deposits. Profits and losses are relative to the full value of your position. CFD trading using margin is not necessarily for everyone and you should ensure you understand the risks involved and if necessary seek independent professional advice before placing any trades.

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What should I know about trading on margin?

Margin trading is a way for traders to use leverage for their exposure to the financial markets​, allowing them to trade larger amounts by depositing a smaller initial outlay.

What are some of the costs of trading CFDs?

A commission charge is applicable upon entering and exiting trades on shares, and the commission charge rate varies on the asset’s country of origin. There is also a minimum commission charge in place, so if the actual commission does not meet this threshold, the minimum commission rate is instead charged. This charge will vary by country. Please visit our ‘CFDs costs​’ page for more information on charges.

What do minimum margin requirement and maintenance margin requirement mean?

A deposit margin is needed to firstly open a position, and the maintenance margin is in place to keep the position open. Therefore, when a trader has encountered a number of losses and their account revaluation (equity) level falls below the minimum balance to keep positions open, this prompts a margin call, for which they must either invest more of their own funds or sell their assets in order to decrease the maintenance margin​ required.