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Share baskets trading

Diversify your portfolio and trade CFDs, commission-free on a range of industry shares. Share baskets offer a cost-effective way to trade on a wide range of industries including 5G, Big Tech, Cannabis, Driverless Cars, Social Media, Renewable Energy and more.

  • More than 1 million traders are already accessing the global markets on our award-winning CFD platform.
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What are share baskets?

Our share baskets are a collection of shares from the same industry sector, grouped into a single basket. They provide an opportunity to diversify your risk within an industry versus trading on a single share.

Trade on a range trending themes across technology, lifestyle & entertainment, renewables and banking - from social media to UK Banks

Why trade share baskets?

Trading on share baskets provides a cost-effective way to trade on the financial markets and diversify your risk, providing an opportunity to diversify your trading portfolio across a range of trending sectors.


Trade on a range of shares in a single trade, avoiding the need to open several positions on individual shares.

Diversified risk

Take a more balanced view and trade across multiple companies from the same sector, diversifying the risk of trading on one organisation.

Trade the trend

Follow trending markets or sectors and choose from over 15 baskets, including 5G, Automation & Robotics, Cannabis, ​Gaming, Streaming Media​ and Renewable Energy.

Why trade with CMC Markets?

There are a number of benefits to trading CFDs with us.

Multiple award winners

We've been recognized for the quality of our service, as well as our dedication to innovation and technology for our clients.

Go long or short

Take a long or short position on your chosen share basket, and trade on rising or falling prices.

Trade with leverage

Deposit a percentage of the full value of your position to open a trade.*

A regulated provider

CMC Markets is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Trade 24 hours a day

Trade some markets, such as forex, 24 hours a day (Sunday to Friday) via desktop, mobile or tablet.

Thousands of markets

Trade on over 9,000 global instruments, including forex, indices, cryptos and commodities.

*When trading using margin any losses will reflect the full value of the position

Your questions answered

Find the answers to the most-commonly asked questions about trading on share baskets with us. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch

Pricing and costs

What is the tiered weight methodology for share baskets?

How much does it cost to open an account?

There’s no cost when opening a live account. You can also view prices and use tools such as charts, Reuters news or Morningstar quantitative equity reports free of charge. You will need to deposit funds in your account to place a trade. View the full list of share baskets on the platform


How does trading CFDs on share baskets work?

When you trade CFDs on share baskets on our platform, you don't own the underlying shares. Instead, you're taking a position on whether you think the instrument's price will go up or down. With CFD trading, you buy or sell a number of units for a particular instrument. For every point or unit that the price moves in your favour, you gain multiples of your stake vise versa.

What can I trade?

You can trade across a number industry sectors including driverless cars and social media.

View the full list on the platform

How to start trading on share baskets

  • 1


    Complete and submit our online application form. Apply now

  • 2


    Deposit funds with a credit card or bank transfer.

  • 3


    Once you’ve funded your new account you’re ready to start trading.

Ready to trade share baskets?

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