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The US pulls the trump card

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Heightened market volatility is likely over the election period. Increased volatility means increased risk and spreads may widen. Check your margin cover, risk management and monitor positions.

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Post-election results

Read the reaction from our UK and US market analysts following the US election result.

Pre-election analysis

Find out who our market analysts thought would win the election and why, and read their view on the potential market reaction.

Will the US election stem sterling’s declines?

The strength of the US dollar has been a factor in sterling’s decline, as investors gear up for a potential US rate increase at either its November or December meetings.

Michael Hewson

Rout or rise? Asia-Pacific markets and the US election

Insider versus outsider; establishment versus rebel; compassion versus pride. The 2016 US presidential election is one of the most polarised campaigns in living memory.

Michael McCarthy

How will the US election affect UK stocks?

With the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and FTSE All Share equity indices all reaching record highs, is there any evidence that UK investors are scared of the election result?

Jasper Lawler

Trading major events like the US election

Trading is always about relating risk to reward and the US election will be no different. The best opportunities with major events can often be contrarian ones where markets are pretty much priced for one particular outcome.

Ric Spooner

How will the US election affect the DAX and EUR/USD?

Surveys show that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the lowest approval ratings of any campaign candidates that have ever run for president. A controversial campaign could soon prove to be an important influencing factor on market prices.

Jochen Stanzl

Chinese stocks and gold may rally on Trump winning

With only five weeks to go until the US presidential election, how the result would move the markets is one of the key factors to drive Chinese investor sentiment.

Tina Teng

Volatility set to pick up as election day nears

Equity markets have been cheerfully rallying, with a Trump victory becoming seen as less likely following the first two presidential debates.

Margaret Yang Yan

The only certainty in this election is uncertainty

Elections mean uncertainty and this is exactly what markets don’t like. Although markets may prefer Hillary Clinton because she’s a known quantity, they could also adapt to Donald Trump, particularly if he brings in pro-business policies.

Nicolas Cheron

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