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Cryptocurrency Trading

Trade rise and fall price movements on cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum with an award-winning platform.

✓ Lightning-fast executions
✓ Trade on leverage
✓ No wallet needed, trade fuss-free 

Why trade cryptocurrencies with CMC Markets

CMC Markets

Go long or short

Take a view on whether cryptocurrency prices will rise or fall with our easy-to-use, lightning-fast platform.

CMC Markets

Trade on margin

Take a position on popular cryptos without tying up all your capital.

CMC Markets

Hold positions without spread costs

There’s no weekly automatic close out. Hold positions without spread costs to reopen trade.

CMC Markets

Trade with a trusted provider

Forget the worry of trading with crypto exchanges. We’re onshore with over 30 years’ experience—no wallet needed.

CMC Markets

Find award-winning support 

Trade with the support of experts. We’re here whenever markets are open.

CMC Markets

Take a position anywhere

Go long or short in real time on the go with our award-winning CFD trading app. 

How to trade cryptocurrencies

Speculate on price movements of cryptocurrency products against the US dollar with a CFD account.  
Trade with leverage to take advantage of both rising and falling markets.

Trade our exclusive range of crypto indices. It’s a cost-effective option to spread your risk.  


Want to trade cryptocurrencies?

Competitive spreads and margin rates

Check the CMC Markets trading platform for product trading hours.

Instrument CMC spread Margin rate from
Bitcoin/USD 120 20%
Ethereum/USD 8.0 20%
Bitcoin cash/USD 3.8 20%
Litecoin/USD 125 20%
Dash/USD 12 20%
EOS/USD 3.8 20%
Monero/USD 160 20%
Stellar/USD 25 20%
Cardano/USD 100 20%
NEO/USD 38 20%
TRON/USD 16 20%
Chainlink/USD 10.5 20%
Polygon/USD 0.65 20%
Dogecoin/USD 15 50%
Ethereum Classic/USD 3 20%
Solana/USD 95 50%
All Crypto Index 120 20%
Major Crypto Index 120 20%
Emerging Crypto Index 80 20%

Information accurate as of 14/09/2021. Please note that we may restrict trade from time to time due to high demand.

What are cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency created from code that functions outside of traditional banking and government systems. Cryptocurrencies differ significantly from traditional currencies as they use blockchain technology to create a database that’s decentralised. 

Traders find opportunity in cryptocurrency’s market volatility by speculating on the price movement of various crypto products with a CFD account. You can open a position on margin to gain more exposure to market possibilities using a relatively small amount of your capital. 

In addition to opportunity, rapid price movements also increase risk, so make sure you create a risk management strategy to become a better trader. 

^Please note, we may, at our sole discretion, restrict your ability to go long or short. We may restrict trades from time to time, due to high demand. ​
Best Customer Service and Best Mobile Phone/Tablet Platform; based on highest user satisfaction among, CFD traders, Investment Trends 2018 Australian Leveraged Trading Report

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