Celebrating 13 years of partnership of Gold Heart Scholarship programme with Variety

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CMC Markets

Variety – The Children’s Charity is honoured to recognise CMC Markets as one of its Principal Partners and a founding sponsor of its Gold Heart Scholarship programme. The programme, launched in 2007, is designed to help talented Kiwi kids reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges. Thanks to their commitment to the programme over 100 scholarships have been granted, enabling young people who are physically or financially challenged to fulfill their ambitions in the arts, sports or education. These future leaders, artists and sportspeople have had their dreams funded and have achieved success thanks to the vision of CMC Markets.

Please see further details below for some of the recipients of the 2019 Gold Heart Scholarship programme. CMC Markets have sponsored 8 recipients for 2019.

Meet this year’s Gold Heart Scholarship Recipients

CMC Markets

Venessa Joyce, Hamilton

Venessa is passionate about singing and this Gold Heart Scholarship will help fund the cost of singing lessons.
In regional competitions she has consistently achieved 1st and 2nd placing and is always considered for the overall achievement prizes.
Venessa’s goal is to study vocals at university, to travel and represent New Zealand on the world stage.
Her tutors says “I have seen the potential for real accomplishment for her.  Her dedication, musicality and talent show the hallmarks of potential for further study at tertiary level”.

CMC Markets

Levi Popata, Whangarei

Levi is a natural leader and a great example to others. He displays academic excellence and dedication to his interests.
A previous Gold Heart Scholarship recipient, Levi’s life goal is to become a doctor. He has endured difficulties in his life and has risen above them to prove he is capable of anything he sets his mind to.
This funding will allow him to continue attending his boarding school, a school which has provided Levi with all the necessary resources to excel and work toward his dreams.
He has been described by his teachers as diligent, conscientious and a great role model for younger children.

CMC Markets

Verity Howells, Hamilton

A talented musician and singer, Verity’s goal is to become a performer, one who combines her love of musical theatre, acting, and singing.
She is passionate about spreading positivity through her music, and using her past experiences to help others going through difficulties and to spread her own story.
She is a previous Gold Heart Scholar who has achieved great things as a result, such as performing in the Coca Cola Christmas in the Park 2018 to an audience of 250,000 people.
Funding will enable her to continue pursuing her dream of competing at the World Championships of Performing Arts and will also enable her to receive tutoring from a previous winner of the competition.

CMC Markets

Lovely Pulotu, Auckland

Lovely is someone who excels on and off the rugby field. She is an excellent rugby player who one day hopes to achieve a career in Women’s rugby.
She has numerous achievements in rugby, such as representing Tonga in Tag20, 2nd place in Nation’s cup, and 2nd place in the Pacific Cup.
As a captain of her rugby team she has displayed great leadership skills and dedication to the sport.
A prior recipient of the Gold Heart Scholarship, it has enabled her to continue progressing in her goals and has helped her achieve great things.
Funding will provide Lovely with sports gear, and allow her to travel to Melbourne for a tournament,. It would also enable her to remain on track in reaching her goals.

CMC Markets

David Pulotu, Auckland

David’s dream is to become a professional Rugby League player, something that is becoming more and more possible by the day.
David was awarded a Gold Heart Scholarship last year, this fuding helped to cover the cost of equipment and travel to competitions.
David displays strong determination and willpower on and off the field, even so far as becoming head boy during his time at intermediate.
He is backed by a supportive family, with whom he shared a strong bond.
Due to his hard work, David has achieved many things. Last year he made the Auckland Akarana rugby team which has continued to push him to excel.
His coach describes him as strongly talented with a great attitude. Funding will allow David to continue pursuing his dream by enabling him to compete in tournaments, as well as providing him with new gear to reach his potential.

CMC Markets

Beth Reid, Auckland

Beth is a previous recipient of the Gold Heart Scholarship for her softball costs, and for good reason. She is an incredibly talented softball player whose ultimate goal is to compete in the 2020 Olympics, something that, going by her previous achievements, is on the horizon.
This year she represented the New Zealand White Sox in the Asia Pacific Cup in Sydney, as well as being chosen to represent the under 19 Junior White Sox in the World Cup Series in California. These are just a couple of the almost countless achievements Beth has under her belt.
Funding will enable her to represent New Zealand at the under 19 World Championships in Irvine, California in August.
She is described by the president of her softball club as an inspiration for players of all ages, and a role model of the importance of hard work.

CMC Markets

Laci Iro, Auckland

Passionate and hard working, these words encapsulate Laci’s attitude. This attitude is especially applicable to her sport of tag rugby, in which she has progressed and achieved so much.
In 2017, Laci represented New Zealand in t20 tag rugby in Melbourne, and has been a New Zealand representative since.
Laci has previously received the Gold Heart Scholarship for her tag rugby, which has helped her immensely in achieving her goal of representing New Zealand. Further funding will enable Laci to continue pursuing that goal.
Laci is a hard working sportswoman who continues to grow both as a player and as a person.

CMC Markets

Tusipepa Tautaileva, Auckland

From a young age, Tusipepa has known what her goals in life are, to become a doctor, and to be the world’s best pianist. She is a passionate and driven young kiwi who shows not only great talent, but a great attitude towards all aspects of life.
Funding will enable her to pursue her dreams, and in her words “there are not enough words in the dictionary” to describe what a Gold Heart Scholarship would mean to her. A Gold Heart Scholarship will allow her to participate in Piano exams, as well as associated costs, as well as pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.
Backed by a supportive family, Tusipepa has achieved much in her life, and continues to do so. In 2019, she was chosen as her schools principal piano player, as well as being selected to attend the Pacfica Health Science Academy.

Variety – the Children’s Charity has been privileged to partner with CMC Markets since we introduced our Variety Gold Heart Scholarship programme in 2007. 

Together we have helped over 100 talented Kiwi kids, reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges. It has been a thrill to watch many of these young people go on to succeed in their chosen field, whether it be the arts, sports or education. 

Variety is enormously grateful to CMC Markets for their continued support over the years. The opportunities they have provided to our young people have shaped many bright futures ahead. 

Lorraine Taylor , CEO Variety - the Children's Charity 

CMC Markets