Celebrating over 10 years of partnership of Gold Heart Scholarship programme with Variety

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Variety – The Children’s Charity is honoured to recognise CMC Markets as one of its Principal Partners and a founding sponsor of its Gold Heart Scholarship programme. The programme, launched in 2007, is designed to help talented Kiwi kids reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges. Thanks to their commitment to the programme 45 scholarships have been granted enabling young people who are physically or financially challenged to fulfill their ambitions in the arts, sports or education. These future leaders, artists and sportspeople have had their dreams funded and have achieved success thanks to the vision of CMC Markets.

Meet this year’s Gold Heart Scholarship Recipients

CMC Markets

Grace Jale - Soccer

A typical week for Grace is the gym on Monday, football training on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, club training on a Thursday and a game on Sunday. All this is balanced with school and homework. 18-year-old Grace’s dream was to represent New Zealand in football, and she’s already travelled to Brazil to play there with the New Zealand Football Ferns.

Last year Grace had two training camps with the Football Ferns and trains with them as part of their under 20s team. She attended the under 17s World Cup is in Jordan and the under 20s World Cup in Papua New Guinea

Grace will use her Gold Heart Scholarship funding to help pay for training and competition costs and travel, as well new football boots and other equipment. Her goals for the year are to attend the U20 World Cup qualifiers in July and continue in the Football Ferns Squad throughout the year.

CMC Markets

Levi Popata - Education

​Levi stood out as a leader at his primary school, despite his background. 
His primary school principal described Levi as self-motivated, very intelligent and capable. He is a self-directed learner with great skills and ability. Levi is genuinely engaged in all his learning. Levi enjoys sports, has good social interactions with others and is a role model.

Funds support Levi for two terms at a Whangarei Boys High School.

“For such a young man, he exhibits wonderful leadership skills. We would like to think that he might remain at Carruth House until year 13 because what we see in him now is the maturity that is appropriate to being a Carruth House Prefect or even possibility the Head Boarder. Levi has the self-discipline to go all the way. He has made a wonderful circle of friends and his decision making is always carefully thought out. He has a great sense of humour and knows how to interpret the best outcome.” Ian Rowe, Director of Boarding, Whangarei Boys’ High School. 

CMC Markets

Chelsey Edwards - Swimming

Chelsey is a young age swimmer motivated to achieve the highest level possible representing NZ as a national and international swimmer. Chelsey is very determined and passionate and trains 16 hours per week. Her day starts at 4.30am with training and following school she is straight back to the pool.

She is one of New Zealand’s top Age-Grade swimmers and dominates her opposition in the Freestyle events and has held that position for the past 3 years. She currently holds 15 Wellington swimming records and is New Zealand’s fastest freestyle swimmer in her age group. Two of the records she broke recently were set by Rebecca Perrot in 1975 and had become known in the swimming world as New Zealand Legendary Records because they had stood for over 40 years. 

Funds will be used to enable Chelsey to attend the Junior Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas in July. Her longer-term goals include qualifying and attending the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and to compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

CMC Markets

Ella McIntosh - Artist 

Ella attends Western Springs College. She is motivated, honest and dependable and knows that perseverance and hard work can overcome obstacles in all areas of life. She works as a volunteer at Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award  which she has been involved in for four years, completing bronze, silver and most of the gold award to date.

Ella’s ambition is to make a living as a performing and visual artist. She has worked hard, through and despite, a challenging learning disability (dyslexia) to achieve recognition as an actor and musician and hopes to pursue these performing arts along with visual arts as a tertiary student and to earn a living in the future. 

Funds will be used to enable Ella to join the prestigious Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ Young Shakespeare Company 2017. Ella is one of 24 students selected from over 5,000 secondary students to represent New Zealand to attend a course in the UK specifically devised for them by Globe Education in the UK from 7-26 July.

CMC Markets

Emily Ayas - Dance

Emily’s area of interest is dancing. She trains for 15 hours per week in Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop. She dances solos, duos and groups. This takes up all of her out of school time.
Emily’s mum works hard to provide Emily with most of what she needs, but dancing is a huge burden financially and having the scholarship has meant that her ongoing everyday costs can be covered, as well as the costs associated with dance.

Funds will be used to enable Emily to travel to the Gold Coast in January to complete in Showcase – Australian Competition.

CMC Markets

Beth Reid - Softball & Baseball 

Beth plays both Softball and Baseball and is the youngest in her teams. She is extremely talented and skilled in both codes. While her mum is her biggest support, Beth has grown up without a father, siblings, grandparents or any extended family or outside support.
Beth embraces every opportunity with passion and enthusiasm, which are available to her because of her talent, hard work, determination and the generosity of strangers. While her mum is committed to funding as much of Beth’s expenses as possible, Beth now plays at a level where additional funding support is necessary if she is to continue.

Beth is committed to funding as much of her own costs as possible and as time permits.  She helps her mother walk and look after dogs and holds regular markets selling donated goods to support the fund-raising efforts.  

Funds will be used to pay club fees, uniform and tournament fees - Beth has been selected to represent New Zealand in Brisbane for Softball in July. 

CMC Markets

Henare Cherrington - Swimming

Henare has been swimming with Nga Papahu Swim Club since he was 5 years old and has been competing since he was 8. He has qualified to participate in many national competitions and furthered his career by moving to a new school Auckland.

Although this has created greater hardships, this will give him access to the best swimming clubs and training in the country which he says is a dream come true. 

Henare is grateful for the support he receives because he would not be able to reach his full potential without the financial aid. He says that this scholarship is an investment in his passion for swimming but also in his future as he intends to represent New Zealand at the Olympics one day.  

He recently swam in the Inter School Competitions in Auckland – the first swimmer from his school to ever enter the competition. Funds will be used for swimming fees, national meets and equipment for training and competition. 

CMC Markets

Tyron Henry - Swimming

​Tyron trains 8 pool sessions and three gym sessions per week (or 19 hours per week). He regularly clocks up over 40,000m per week in an outdoor pool, all year round and through winter.
Most recently he qualified and was selected for the New Zealand team travelling to the Australian Age Groups in Brisbane where he won a bronze medal in the 100m freestyle event (his time was just 0.7secs away from a NZ age group record). At the 2017, National Age Group Champs he won five gold medals in freestyle, backstroke and fly.

Funds will be used to enable him to prepare for and attend the NZ Short Course Champs in October, NZ Age Group Champs in March 2018 and the Australian Age Groups in Brisbane in April 2018. ​

Variety – the Children’s Charity has been privileged to partner with CMC Markets since we introduced our Variety Gold Heart Scholarship programme in 2007. 

Together we have helped 27 talented Kiwi kids, many over multiple years, reach their full potential and overcome personal challenges. It has been a thrill to watch many of these young people go on to succeed in their chosen field, whether it be the arts, sports or education. 

Variety is enormously grateful to CMC Markets for their continued support over the years. The opportunities they have provided to our young people have shaped many bright futures ahead. 

Lorraine Taylor , CEO Variety - the Children's Charity 

CMC Markets