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News and insight

Keep your finger on the pulse with Reuters news and market commentary from our global analysts. Our interactive market calendar displays the latest data for key economic announcements, while Morningstar provide insightful valuation data on shares.

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Reuters news

Get a live feed of relevant financial market news direct from Reuters displayed within the platform. Filter news to see general market updates, articles for just the products in your watchlists, or view articles about one specific product only, for more targeted news.

Analyst 'Insights'*

Your portal on the trading platform to all the written, video and other content produced by our market experts. Throughout the day our analysts post updates on market activity, breaking news, key company announcements and more.

Morningstar Quantitative Equity Research**

See whether a company share price may be overvalued or undervalued. These reports, available across our CFD share products, use a universal rule-based metric system to generate a 'Quantitative Fair Value Estimate' which reveals what the share could be worth versus its current underlying price. Also view the last five years' of cash fundamentals for the company.

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Market calendar

Our live platform economic calendar, powered by Thomson Reuters, displays real-time information on important market-moving events, such as GDP, inflation and unemployment. Find out when the figure is due, the potential market impact and actual number. You're also able to see the extent of any surprise in the data, and can analyse trends. You can also download announcements to your external calendar to ensure you never miss an important release.

Filter releases

Filter all announcements by country and expected market impact (low, medium and high), and choose between daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.

View market expectations

View the forecast figure (based on market expectations), the previous figure, the actual figure when it is released and revised figures.

In-depth event information

View detailed information on what an announcement measures, why it is important, the source of the data, how often it's released and a table of historical results.

Recurring alerts

Set recurring alerts, complete with a timer, so you always know when the important economic announcements you're interested in are taking place.

Mobile notifications

Our mobile trading apps allow you to receive market calendar alerts via push notifications, so you won't miss important data releases, even when you're out.

*The Insights module is provided to you for general information purposes only and is not intended to provide trading or investment advice.

​**These reports are provided by Morningstar for general information only and are not intended to provide investment advice. Neither CMC Markets nor Morningstar is responsible for any trading decisions, damages or losses related to the information or its use.