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Need 4 Speed - ASX Report - 26/10/22

ASX trading

G'day folks and welcome to another trading day with your friendly, neighbourhood CMC Market Analyst! 

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Trading Idea of the Day

NYSE:DIS - The Walt Disney Company - BULLISH BIAS

  • Key levels on the chart - consider taking trades from key support/resistance zones.
  • Disney’s diluted earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter increased to $0.77 from $0.50 in the prior-year quarter off the back of strong top-line growth.
  • Disney credited its strong financial performance to improved operations among its domestic theme parks, large increases in live-sports viewership and significant subscriber growth on their streaming platforms. Namely, 14.4 million Disney+ subscribers were added in this quarter alone, increasing total subscriptions to 221 million across all of their streaming offerings.
  • However, a looming recession may pose a threat to the performance of Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products segment as consumer spending is expected to tighten as people begin to feel the pinch.

ASX & Economic Key Events

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OPTO For Investors Research

Article of the Day: Is it time for investors to focus on growth stocks over value?
Podcast of the Day: Why Cohesive Capital’s John Barber is bullish about private equity

APAC Daily Report

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Market Snapshot & Highlights as of 8am AEDT

EXPECTATIONS: Energy HIGHER (higher oil prices) & Materials HIGHER on overall higher base metal prices.

Global Markets Headlines

(All news & data sourced from AFR / The Australian / Bloomberg / Reuters / CNBC / Wall Street Journal / Morningstar / OPTO / Trading Economics)

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