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Amazon Stock Is Up 58% This Year, Here's Why It Might Go Even Higher

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In today's fast-paced financial world, investment opportunities are abundant. Among the various options available, Amazon stocks have emerged as a prime choice for investors. The e-commerce giant, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, has grown into one of the most influential companies globally, and its stock performance has consistently attracted investors. Here are some key reasons that may be why there is widespread enthusiasm for investing in Amazon stocks.

Amazon's Dominance in E-Commerce

Amazon's dominance in the e-commerce industry is unrivalled as it offers everything from electronics to groceries. With a forecast of US$746B in global retail e-commerce sales and Prime Days that continue to break records each year, Amazon's e-commerce arm boasts staggering sales that would convert any avid shopper into a confident investor of Amazon.

AWS' Incredible Growth Story

Although Amazon is largely known today for its e-commerce business, its cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is certainly nothing to scoff at. Despite only rolling out in 2002, AWS has effortlessly achieved double-digit growth for the past few quarters. As the established market leader in the cloud computing services space, Amazon's growth story is far from over if AWS keeps this up.

Commitment to Innovation & Growth

While some mature companies might rest on their laurels once they've achieved the scale Amazon has, the e-commerce giant is renowned for its attitude towards innovation. Investments in technology and logistics have led to advancements like Same-Day Delivery and cashier-less stores with Amazon Go. These innovations keep Amazon at the forefront of the industry and might help them discover their next potential growth driver with AWS levels of success.

Global Presence

Ask any average person about Amazon and they'll likely be immediately familiar with the brand. This is due to Amazon's impressive global reach and scale. With operations across the world, the global e-commerce giant's presence can be felt in almost every geographical area. This impressive international exposure has allowed Amazon's profits to stay geographically diversified, boosting investors' confidence in Amazon stock.

The Growing Amazon Prime Ecosystem

The Amazon Prime ecosystem has been growing at an alarming pace as more and more consumers opt into Prime membership because of the numerous bells and whistles that come with membership. These include delivery perks, Prime Video streaming access, Prime Gaming content, an Amazon Music subscription, Prime Reading benefits and more for no added cost. As Amazon continues to add more value to its membership ecosystem, it's able to deepen relationships with its customers and encourage shoppers to stay loyal to the brand.


In conclusion, Amazon's multifaceted approach to business, global reach, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction make its stocks a compelling choice for investors. As Amazon continues to build on its e-commerce and cloud computing offerings, investors believe the stock is likely to grow in value even more. With its impressive growth trajectory and commitment to innovation, Amazon stocks could be the right investment for you despite already being 58% up this year. Keen on reading up more about Amazon? Check out our guide to e-commerce stocks that looks at top e-commerce businesses like Amazon, Alibaba and Sea Limited. Conversely, you can also learn more about Amazon by checking out our Amazon earnings forecast and preview.

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