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Introduction to the 4 key price action principles

Looking for an overview on how to analyse prices on charts? Learn how recognising patterns is key to successful trading.

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In this free ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why recognising patterns can be crucial to a successful trading strategy
  • How to analyse and track price action
  • How to use these theories in practice

There are hundreds of trading indicators available, ranging from the standard variety found on most trading platforms, through to proprietary indicators developed by funds and other market specialists. This can lead to ‘analysis paralysis’, where using too many signals makes trading more complicated. Understanding patterns within candlesticks and trends, support and resistance can help you create a successful trading strategy.

Learn how patterns within indicators can help you understand the relationship between bull and bear markets. The ebook’s illustrative charts will show you an overview of these patterns and, using the SPX 500 as an example, demonstrate how these patterns can be used in your trading.


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