The price alerts function allows you to configure alerts to trigger when your chosen product hits a certain price.

Video transcript

Hi there, guys, and welcome to this short video having a look at Price Alerts in a little bit more detail. Price Alerts is an incredibly useful tool. It's something I add a lot to potential support or resistance levels in any products that I'm looking at. And it's very, very easy to set, and you even get an alerting system as well, which will inform you when these levels are breached.

So let's say, for example, I want to go ahead and have a look at gold. Now I'm just going to select it here from my product library. And then from here I've got a choice. I can drag and drop it, enter the Price Alerts window like so, or this is a little bit easier, I can left-click here in the contacts menu and go, Create Price Alert. Very, very simple. Any product that you've got a contacts menu, usually it will give you the ability to add a Price Alert.

So if I was looking at gold, I'm going to say, "Well, I want to be alerted if gold gets to $1,300. Type in 1,300, hit return. It gives me an expiry date right here. I like to usually set these to be open ended. The price, and you can actually chose to be alerted if that breaks the sell, the mid, or the buy price. Right here will give you the real time price difference and percentage and points between the current market price and your alert price. And if you want to have this sent as email as well, check that box, and as soon as that gets triggered, that will come through to your email. Now, if you're logged on to the platform and this gets triggered, it will actually automatically populate in the top right hand corner right here on the platform. And if you set this on your mobile, it will also push through to your iPhone, Android, or iPad as well.

If you want to go ahead and erase any of these alerts, very simple. Just click remove, and it really is as simple as that. And I'll go through all my charts, look for those most significant support/resistance levels, and then just simply go through and add the Price Alerts in those specific points there. And I really like to utilise this, especially if you've got a mobile trading platform, because as soon as these levels break, you know better right away, and you can gain access to your account and trade accordingly. And that's how easy it is to get to grips with Price Alerts.