Discover the full capabilities of ''1-Click Trading' and how it could aid you in more efficient order placement, especially in fast-moving, volatile markets.

Video transcript

The 1-Click Trading feature allows you to open or close a trade with just one click. Once a trade size has been entered, clicking on the buy or the sell price will send the order straight through for processing. You will not be asked to confirm the order, it will be placed immediately. You can activate 1-Click Trading via the icon in the top navigation toolbar or, alternatively, via the order settings. Once you have carefully read and accepted the terms of use, 1-Click Trading will be activated on your account. By default, you can place 1-Click trades on all streaming price buttons within the platform, however, you can choose to enable 1-Click trading within the price window only via the 1-Click settings here. When using 1-Click Trading, any advanced order settings including save ticket quantity, boundary levels, custom stop order triggering, and forward settlement behaviour will automatically be inherited from your personally configured order settings for the relevant CMC product. By default, your personal stop loss order and take profit order settings will be applied to your 1-Click market order. These, however, can be disabled separately here. Once you activate 1-Click Trading you can choose between three modes within the main toolbar, including single click, which is on as default, double click, or the locked feature. Locked will disable 1-Click Trading for those times (when) you are simply monitoring the market. If 1-Click is activated on all price buttons, when you move your mouse over any live streaming price, a 1-Click ticket will appear, allowing you to enter a trade size. The price quote window will now also include an order size entry field. You can enter the size manually, or you can use the drop down menu to select from a number of pre-set trade sizes. If you have selected to save (your) ticket quantity by product enabled under order settings, the price quote panel will be pre-populated with your previous order size in the relevant CMC (Markets) product. If you have not traded that product before, it will be left blank. Depending on the units or stake size entered the price and spread displayed within the 1-Click ticket will display the live price from the price ladder corresponding to the number of units or the stake size entered. The price depth level indicator will be displayed in the bottom corners of the 1-Click tickets and also the quote panels. If no unit or stake size is entered, or the market is simply closed, clicking the price will load the full order ticket. Depending on the mode you have chosen in the main tool bar, a single click or a double click on the buy or sell price will immediately place the trade. The mouse icon will change when you hover over a live streaming price to reflect that 1-Click is live and the mode chosen. After you place or close an order using 1-Click Trading, an execution alert will be displayed in the top right of the platform showing the price at execution, the size of the trade, any associated stop loss orders and/or take profit orders, and the realised profit or loss for any closing orders. Please take time to read this to ensure (that) your order has been executed as expected. This confirmation will automatically fade after a set period of time. 1-Click also applies to closing open positions or trades or even cancelling pending orders. Simply click or double click the red X icon next to the position or the trade you wish to close and the trade will immediately be processed without the need to confirm. It is important to know that you will not have a chance to cancel orders once you have clicked a buy or sell price, so please take extra care when using 1-Click Trading as there is an increased likelihood of an order being unintentionally submitted. Please note that before you can use 1-Click Trading you will need to carefully read (and) then accept the 1-Click Trading terms of use.