Learn how our advanced charting package can help you with your technical analysis and spread betting strategies. 

Video transcript

Our charting package has been designed for ease of use and offers a user interface that is both visually appealing and intuitive. While our charting package may look simple at first glance, it is, in fact, a powerful and versatile package with numerous, easily accessible tools and features that help you interpret price movements and conduct analysis. Customisation is key and you can personalise everything from background colours through to default time-frames and technical indicators. You can make any number of changes to a chart, then you can save these as defaults. So any charts you open up from the product library will open with your preferred settings already in place. You can change these default settings at any time, as your needs and preferences change. You can also change your settings as pre-sets that can be loaded when you want, instead of being automatically applied to all charts you open from the product library. Save as many different pre-sets as you like. Under chart options, you'll find a wide range of advanced settings that allow you to personalise your charts even more. You can choose specific colours for candlesticks and bars, change the background colour, turn gridlines on or off, and access a number of other useful features. For example, chart extensions allow you to extend the timeframe displayed on the chart into the future, giving you more room for analysis and price projection. You even have the ability to customise the appearance of individual technicals and drawing tools. The collapsible panel on the left of the chart shows all the important values on your chart, including values for any overlays and technical studies you have used. There is a very useful, automatic save function on any chart opened from within a watch list. If you open a product from any of your watchlists, all analysis or customisation that you carry out on that chart will automatically be saved when you close it. So if you use tools like technical studies, overlays, drawing tools, or patterns, or have made any changes to things like timeframes, intervals and colours, these will all be saved. Our pattern recognition software helps you identify nine different chart patterns and over 50 different candle patterns in the price action. This tool will identify historical patterns, as well as emerging patterns. You can hover over any of the patterns to show a price projection box, which will give you an idea of where the price might go. You'll also see a star rating, which gives an indication as to whether the projected direction is supported by some of our main technical indicators. It is important to remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. If you want to compare the performance of one product against another, just drag and drop from the Product Library or a watchlist onto an existing chart. You can compare the performance of a number of products at the same time. You can spread that directly from any chart. One click opens up an order ticket, and from here you can choose what type of order you want to use to enter the market, and you can set your risk management orders, including take profit and stop loss orders. You can view these levels on the chart against past price movements. And by simply clicking on these icons, it's possible to amend the stop loss and take profit levels directly on the chart. Our charts are highly flexible, and intuitive, offering you a wide range of tools to help you conduct your analysis and get the most out of the market.