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Episode 8: Can AI outperform the raw art form of trading with Graham O’Brien - Download speaker show notes

In the history of trading, it has never been easier to gain access to global financial markets. Technology and computer systems have replaced traditional floor trading pits in most of the financial centres around the globe.

Download 'Seeking the real Holy Grail of technical trading' from Trade With Precision to read more.


Episode 7: Rhyme or Reason? Applying the science of psychology to the art of trading with Brett Steenbarger - Download speaker show notes

Download Brett Steenbarger's 'Four Psychological Strengths of Successful Traders and Portfolio Managers' where he draws upon years of performance coaching at hedge funds, investment banks, and proprietary trading firms to arrive at four dimensions of strength.


Episode 6: The Trading Story. Behind the finance news with Ticky Fullerton - Download speaker show notes

How do traders use the financial media? Hear from Sales Trader Karandeep Sangha as he discusses the other side of the story and how traders use financial news when deciphering the markets and deciding where the next moves may lie.


Episode 5: Crafting your own bespoke trading style with Jack Schwager - Download speaker show notes

Enter your details here to download Jack Schwager's article on 'Which Market Wizard is the Best Role Model?' as he discusses some of his key considerations when creating your trading style, and how to decide when a dimension 'fits' your beliefs and personality when curating your bespoke trading approach.


Episode 4: A pioneer’s journey to the top with Peter Cruddas - Download speaker show notes

Download 'Mastering the markets – principles of successful trading' written by our Chief Market Strategist (and The Artful Trader host) Michael McCarthy.

Many traders work hard on finding the right market signals, but fail to profit because they miss out on some of the keys to a successful approach to markets. There’s more to good trading than getting the signals right. Staring with first principles, this paper highlights some of the simple but highly effective structures that top traders use.


Episode 3: The Aim of the Game. Trading like an athlete with Linda Raschke - Download speaker show notes

Download an exclusive look at some of the stories Linda Raschke has written for her new book, Trading Sardines - Fear and Loathing in the Financial Markets. Linda is giving The Artful Trader podcast listeners a glimpse into some of her most personal and untold stories, reflecting on her experiences in the trading world. In these unfiltered excerpts Linda shares stories of her experiences in starting out in the markets, Black Monday, MRCI and many more.


Episode 2: Lose, Lose, Lose... Win! The 7 year itch with Ray Barros - Download speaker show notes

Download Ray Barros' exclusive article for The Artful Trader listeners, where Ray busts some of the most common myths surrounding the mindset and strategies of successful traders. He highlights a common approach that beginner traders take, and outlines the key skills and attributes that a successful trader must have in order to develop a winning strategy.


Episode 1: Around the World in 80 trades with Raoul Pal - Download speaker show notes

Download for free the first chapter of Raoul’s eBook – ‘The Little Book of the Business Cycle’.

In this book, Raoul Pal, an advisor to many of the world’s greatest hedge fund investors, shows you exactly how you can easily forecast the ups and downs in the economy, your business and your investments better than most on Wall Street. His powerful but simple framework will give you the understanding you need to maximize your profit potential.


CFD trading can result in losses that exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand the risks.