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Confidence in your worst-case scenario - Dave Floyd and John Netto

About this episode:

Confidence in your worst-case scenario

Two renowned traders come together in this unique episode of the Artful Trader – Dave Floyd (founder of Aspen Trading) and John Netto (founder of Netto numbers).
Although the two have a wildly different approach to trading, there are some surprising similarities; both Dave and John attribute their success to preparation, sticking to a trading strategy and trading within their defined level of risk.
Join us as we chat through Dave and Johns’ experiences and apply their learnings to your own trading strategy. 

Dave Floyd

CMC Markets

Founder of acclaimed FX firm, Aspen Trading Group providing expert FX research and analytics to both institutional and retail clients worldwide. Dave has over two decades of expertise in technical analysis and global fundamentals.

John Netto

CMC Markets

Acclaimed author and the founder of the ground breaking Netto Numbers.  Netto is an expert in developing, executing, and managing proprietary algorithmic and discretionary trading strategies across a range of time horizons, asset classes, and market regime.