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Enhanced search & charting

Posted in February 2019 by Ryan O'Doherty

We're delighted to unveil the latest update to our award-winning mobile iPhone and Android trading app*. In this update we’ve focused on improving navigation, watchlist and charting features, as well as adding new mini charts.

Improved navigation

We’ve made several updates to the layout and functionality of the app, to help you navigate with ease and efficiency when checking prices and placing trades.

The current ‘Watchlist’ and ‘Product Library’ sections have been combined into one ‘Products’ area. New tabs and a swipe functionality have been added to allow fast access to different product lists.

We’ve also redesigned the account bar, which includes information on your account type, as well as account value and P&L. It’s situated at the top of the mobile app so the information is accessible on more modules, such as an order ticket, to help you make informed trading decisions.

Finally, the search tool now automatically displays relevant instruments once you start typing. It also shows your previous 10 search terms, allowing you to quickly navigate to your regularly searched instruments.

CMC Markets

New watchlist features

The updated ‘Products’ area includes new topical watchlists, allowing you to see which instruments are experiencing significant movement or are currently trending. The topical watchlists consist of:

  • Popular products – the most-traded instruments from the last seven days
  • Hot products – instruments whose recent trade volume has increased significantly versus the monthly average
  • Price movers – instruments which have had unusual moves up or down
  • Mentions – the instruments most recently mentioned by our global analysts
  • Biggest risers and biggest fallers – the top five instruments in each asset class with the largest daily percentage price rise/fall

On Android devices, you can now also add new instruments to your watchlists directly from the watchlist screen.

CMC Markets

Enhanced charting

Our industry-leading charting package* has been updated with new features, including:

  • A wider range of intervals, with new options such as 1 second, 10 minutes, 2 hours and monthly, among others
  • The separation of the crosshair and range tool
  • An improvement to the placement, editing and deleting functionality of draw tools on interactive charts
  • A new font size slider which can be used to adjust the text size on a trading chart axis
CMC Markets

Mini chart

You now also have the option to view mini ‘trend’ charts within watchlist and library quote panels. These custom charts allow you to see a quick snapshot of recent price action, without having to load each instrument’s chart individually. 

The line charts are updated in real time, and display two days’ worth of price action. The scale of the charts is also adjusted to provide a measure of volatility. For example, if volatility is low, the line chart will appear flatter.

CMC Markets

Minimum operating system requirements for the update

  • iOS:  10.0 and later
  • Android:  4.4 and later

Note:  For iPhone users, the new dashboard feature is only available on iPhone 5 and above.

​*Awarded Best Platform Features, Best Mobile Phone/Tablet App, ranked highest for Charting, based on highest user satisfaction among CFD and FX traders, Investment Trends 2018 UK Leverage Trading Report.

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